Ladies and Gents,
Tonight at CFW, we are presenting a class that may one day save your life.

The Situational Awareness and Threat Detection Course covers crime, criminals, their mindset, and how they target victims.  The course illustrates simple techniques to keep yourself from becoming a target of violent criminals.

The United States has one the highest violent crime rates of all the western world.  Yet most of us pretend we are safe and have little chance of being attacked.  The stats indicate completely otherwise.

Wilmington, NC ranks 8th most dangerous city in the US of cities with populations of 75,000-99,999.

This is not a Women’s self defense class.  It’s not a self defense class at all, much less a course for only women.

Most Americans do not possess the capabilities, physical or mental, to counter an attack by a violent criminal, so the reality self defense classes for most people, are worthless.  This course is how to never get into a situation that you’d need to defend yourself.

Did you know that males account for over 90% of the victims of violent crimes other than rape?  So guys, think you’re a tough guy and your wife and daughter are the ones who need this stuff?  Reconsider.

Many Americans own firearms and find some type of security in those weapns.  For most, it is a false sense of security. Many concealed carry permit owners are victimized and attacked each year in the US, for many reasons, never able to use their firearm in defense.  Worse, many of their handguns are turned against them.  Unlike a firearm, the techniques taught in the Situational Awareness course require no extensive training and can be (and should be) practiced all the time.
The course covers how to conduct yourself in a safe manner while at home, in your car, overseas, while flying, in parking lots and many other situations where criminals find us easy targets.
As the holidays approach, seasonal larcenies increase, but worse, in time of economic troubles violent crimes of all sort increase significantly.
The speakers are:  Detective Jennifer Rhoads (WPD-Homicide), MSG(ret) Ronald Holmes (Marine Corps Special Operations), Anthony Cowden (Army Special Operations/US State Dept.)

I urge you to join us tonight at CFW at 6:00pm.

DC Instructing the 5:45 class on rowing technique

*We will not have the 5:45 or 7:00pm classes this evening


Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (3/2/x/0)
Snatch Press 6-6-6-6 (2/1/2/3)
*press is not heavy, slow and controlled behind the neck

3 rounds for time. . .
10 burpees
20 double unders

Olympic Weightlifting

Rest Day

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  1. t. says:

    Tonight’s class is $50.

    Also… our marketing director (me) is being reprimanded as we speak. He posted both 6pm and 6:30pm start times for the class tonight in different medium.s

    We will begin the class at 6:30pm.

    All apologies for the confusion.

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