3x a week

$100 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

3 crossfit classes per week Monday through Saturday 

Open Gym

$50 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Unlimited DIscount

$125 - Billed Monthly until cancelled



Crossfit Wilmington's Elements class we will teach you the basics of CrossFit’s fundamental movements. We break these into three different days and each day teach a different progression covering the nine fundamental lifts in CrossFit: the squat, front squat and overhead squat, press, push press and push jerk, dead-lift, sumo dead-lift high-pull and clean.

Following the instructional portion of each fundamental class you will go through a MetCon (metabolic conditioning, the bread and butter of what we do). Each day we will tackle a different style of workout, a chipper, an AMRAP or time priority workout, and a task priority workout.

In addition to teaching the fundamental lifts and introducing members to the various types of workouts we participate in, we also provide some introduction to equipment used and orientation of the gym.

Couples Crossfit

$200 - Billed Monthly until cancelled


$50.00 / 1 Pack

with Staff: