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Visiting CF Instructor Karyn C. (foreground) and her sister Marina L. CFW has had many out of town visitors this summer, thank you all for making CFW one of your travel destinations!

Shoulder Press 1 rep max

AMRAP in 7 minutes of…
7 DB Thrusters (15/25)
25m Sprint
20 Sledge Hammer swings (16/10) *10 right/10 left
25m Sprint

Olympic Weightlifting
1 Snatch Shrug Pull +1 Snatch High Pull +1 Snatch x 4 at 60%
1 Clean Shrug Pull +1 Clean High Pull +1 Clean +1 Jerk  x 4 (up to 135/95)
CF Metcon

6 thoughts on “Shoulder Press

  1. Steve says:

    1. I think it’s pretty cool their doing a beach WOD at the games, we’re ahead of our time out here!!!

    2. The judging sucks, I’m watching this thing online and the standards are wildly different from one athlete to the next. I just watched a girl crank out 30 or so squats in a row without going to parallel.

  2. Tanner says:

    The CrossFit Games WODs are sweet this year! Big ups to the 6 am crew for killin it this morning, and being the guinea pigs for the met-con set up. Shawn getting over 200 lb press? whats up with that, you weigh like 110 lbs, that’s some serious strength dude.

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