Having a clear picture of success and a path to get there gives you a markedly better chance to succeed than not having a plan. Without a plan of action to path to our goals become much more difficult and we are less likely to fully succeed.


Let me tell you a story. Amy came to us 6 weeks ago and said, “I want to get a pull up by Christmas.” This is the perfect goal because it is specific and measurable. It’s also time constrained which creates a sense of urgency that requires action!


Amy knew what success meant to her – being able to do a pull up. We gave her a few options that we felt would give her the best possibility to succeed. Some 1:1 sessions and targeted upper body work to do on her own. Because she gave herself only 3 months to reach this goal, there was a time constraint to get it done, which gave her the motivation to do the work necessary.


Amy got her 1st ever pull up almost 2 weeks ago. That’s a solid 2 months earlier than her goal of Christmas. She did that by understanding what success meant to her and attacking her plan of action!


I want to extend the opportunity to do goal setting to all of our members. Take 10-15 minutes to sit down one-on-one and see where you would like to improve. Then, we set a path to get there. This is all about you! Let’s finish this year off great and make 2017 one for the record books!


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