Noelle and Try Sports put on a great event for a great cause. Thanks to Noelle and Try Sports for inviting us! Thanks to CFW for showing up en masse!
Melissa - 1st place in her age group.


Gene doing his part to smash the notion that big and strong boys can’t be fast – 20:05. CFW had four 200lbs plus “runners” finish sub 24 minutes.
Jen S. ran down a 2nd place!
The boys all prettied up.

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36 thoughts on “Saturday’s Run For Tatas 5k

  1. t. says:

    You know… FGB was one thing. You guys came out in force and raised alot of money for that. But to come out 60 some strong for a run is just awesome. This is what the community of CrossFit is all about… actually being part of it!

    These past two events have really reminded me how exceptional a place you all have come together to build. When Casey and I started this thing, we had no idea what it be.

    Humbled and Honored.

  2. Em says:

    Good times this morning at the run/walk…great turn out!! Thanks Noelle for putting on such a wonderful event!!

  3. Felice says:

    just want to say thanks to Noelle for doing such an awesome job and everyone else that came out this morning, i had a great time with great people. looking forward to the pool workout tmw! =)


  4. Q? says:

    Was Illario Pantano really there today? More exposure than our Fight Gone Bad I guess? Frankly i am offended. I remeber the days when he was one of us. Like back when he sent Jill to announce to his crossfit family that he was going to run. Ok, maybe nothing has changed. Why can’t we have politicians that care more about whats important and less about whats important to getting elected?

  5. Noelle says:

    Thanks to all of the CFW family who came out. Made my day to see you out there! Final total raised was about $11,000. Couldn’t of done it without the help of everyone. Especially Ju – you were AWESOME at guarding the coffee!

    Just one quick word – Illiaro was there for one purpose, and one purpose only… his kids. He’s an incredible dad and would do anything for those two… part of that is instilling the healthy crossfit lifestyle in them now…. which was clear if you saw him cross the finish line hand in hand with both of them. I’ll support any man… politician or not… with values like that.

  6. stevie styles says:

    hey Q?,u have no balls and no backbone.why dont u post ur name?you are not one of us!ur a coward,just saying

  7. Em says:

    Q?, I have learned in my life to NEVER judge a book by the cover. The fact that you presume the only reason that Iliario was present today was for political reasons is really sad…had that been the only reason, I assure you, he (like the scum he is going against) would have been at the finish line, handing out fliers, not participating with his kids. Have you thought for a moment about the schedule he is keeping DAILY? The fact that he is present at debates, “meet and greets” and the like ALL OVER the district-which my closed minded person is not just Wilmington, day in and day out? Oh but wait, that would mean you had to take something at more than face value…I forgot for a moment that you apparently are lacking this quality, and the quality to be an adult (and a man) and voice your personal opinion openly, not behind a mask. I am saddened more than you will ever know that you posted such an ignorant comment. You must lead a closed and miserable life. IP, you’re the man…continue being the wonderful leader you are, father you are, husband you are and friend you are. You’ve got my vote any day any time!!

  8. Q says:

    Our politicians count on two things. The money of the wealthy. And the ignorance of the masses. We know which he is getting from Crossfit.

    If the honorable Pantano only cared for the “crossfit lifestyle” you may have seen his boys or him at Crossfit. No. You don’t see him b/c you don’t get invited to the fundraisers he attends. You are not invited b/c you do not have $1,000 to give him in to pay for his quest to serve you

    Politics is a fitlty game. You are kidding yourself if there was no motive for attending a run in mayfaire in front of hundreds of people instead of a fundrasier for The WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT where only a few Crossfit Wilmington people would be.

    He used Crossfit wilmington. One of the most impourtant people on his campaigning fundraising he met at cfw.
    Don’t be naive. Iylario is not a savior.

  9. No GOOD says:

    What a great day!!!!! I am working on a video for the site but what a fun time. God CFW is amazing!!!! Now I gotta jump in on the IP topic. I will say that “Q” and everyone else you all have very valid points. But that is the amazing thing about this country…. Our right of choice! The ability to speak our minds freely and live the same. I too would love to have seen IP at FGB I even called him out and I was pissed he wasn’t there to do it with us in kit as we did last year. But I also understand his op tempo and what he hopes to accomplish. Could he balance his time better …. If I was still runnin his time line yes haha but one he has never done this before so everyday he is learning. I wouldn’t want to do it and I know that he WiLL NEVER make everyone happy that’s life. I actually am nutral on this. I wish him the best I know he is working non stop and along the way some of us have had our feelings hurt , it happens.

  10. t. says:

    I don’t censor this comments page and don’t intend to start. But I don’t dig the anonymous thing. Ante up and call it like you see it. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me or the CrossFit Wilmington vocal and passionate members, I’ll back you or anyone’s right to say what you feel.

    I also get it that if you don’t agree with most of CFW, you’d be a bit intimidated, or atleast hesitant to post under your own name. Obviously, our folks are passionate.

    I’m asked about IP alot. I get asked where he is and how he’s doing. I don’t see or talk to him anymore than most of you do. It’s a busy thing he’s into.

    My feelings on politics are straight forward and I agree some with Q. Our system is corrupt. There’s not an elected official in Raleigh or DC that doesn’t owe someone. The way I see it, as soon as you take free money from someone, your owe them. If you owe someone, you can’t be yourself.

    The blue collar working man, the small business owners, and the worker is irrelevant in the scope of things. It’s pretty realistic to say if you don’t have the money a hopeful politician needs to fund his/her campaign, you’re not going to eat lunch with them or get that invite to the “big money” dinners. Reality and fact isn’t arguable. IP has to play by the rules of the santioning body of the game he’s chosen.

    I backed political candidate on our website. I apologize for that.

    This comments page and our site is all about furthering our fitness and seeking wellness as individuals and a collective.

  11. Clint Horsley says:

    The problem with the whole comment on this page is that it sounds like a bunch of little babies who are mad because mommy or daddy dont come to watch me play. I am very close to IP and he is a big boy in a big boy game that is far beyond working out at crossfit. How many of you complained about the other 200 members of crossfit who did not attend FGB. Ilario running for office is not a hobbie. It is his job. Grow up and get over it. If you want to see him go where he is. Unfortunately, it takes money to and a lot of time to run a political campaign, but it also takes money to run crossfit. So before you complain about Ilario inviting you to a dinner fund raiser, you should complain to Tony for charging for a class or instruction. Both complaints are asinine. I cant believe yall have attacked him like this. I guess adversity reveals your true friends and IP if you read this…you are seeing real quick who your real friends are and who is just along for a ride on your prestige train.

  12. t. says:

    I don’t get your analolgy Clint. How is contributing to a campaign fund anything like paying a business owner for a service?

    Again, calling names isn’t productive. Just becasue you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they are wrong.

  13. clint says:

    my point is that different businesses run different ways and running a campaign is running a business and that’s how you make money. Just like charging for a class is the way you make money. I am not looking at it from the consumer i am looking at it from the businessman. And if we don’t get some people like Ilario in congress you aren’t going to be able to afford to won a business

  14. No GOOD says:

    Im glad it is a new day with new comments! Like I said earlier we have the right to choose how we feel in this country and the right to express it. And Clint Im sure it was only one person who attacked IP and that was “Q” actually the other comments were all in favor of IP or as I said neutral. Your comments did confuse me as well. But I do think your comment about the Prestige Train was a little offensive, it has an “ANIMAL FARM” tone to it……All animals are created equal , but some are more equal than others………. Im not saying , Im just saying…..

  15. Q? says:

    Clint. You’ve made my point. Running for public office shouldn’t be anything like a business. My bottom line was that Pantano has submitted his name to run for public office. To become a civil servant of the people. When he did, he disregarded his friends and the values he said he would run on to win the money of the people that actually matter. Those people are people that have wealth and power and that prestige you talked about.

    Pantano had to become a politician to win the race. If anyone beliefs Pantana is going to make any difference in Washington as new representative from d7 of North Carolina, they are foolish. Illario has taken the party line to a tee. He has to be backed by the GOP. It is not all his fault. It is how it is and he nor any other politician will change our system.

    It’s called politics for a reason. We all dispise “politicians” for the bad and corrupt system our “leaders” have created. There’s a reason “politics” and “politicians” are negative words. They suck and they don’t give two cents about the people.

    I’m not personally attached to Illario like you Clint. That is why I can make an observation and not have it throw off by how I feel about the guy. I’m definetely not upset about missing a dinner invite with Illario Pantano or him missing me do a workout. I am laying it out there that he, and all other politicians have lost track of what is important and only care about what is import ant in getting the votes. It’s a fact. Again, pantano proves my point because he couldn’t be at a fund rasier for our wounded soldiers because he had a money raiser event for HIS campaign. Then has no trouble showing up to a run that has more people attending. Anyone is foolish to think otherwise.
    If Pantano, and all other politicians, actually cared they would get rid of their health care benefits, retirement plans, and full pay checks and SERVE the public at the same rate as the military or for GS pay. They won’t. Ilario won’t. He won’t say it before he gets elected because he can’t ruffle the feather of the GOP.
    And immediately after our elected officials reduce their own pay to a wage where we all knew it was about sacrifice and service, not profit, they would vote themselves a term limit of two. 8 years in office.

    Until then, they are scum and they mooch off the workers and businesses and the wealthy. And until you wake up and realize they don’t work for us, we will continue to allow the status quo.

    Clint, I don’t know what you meant by the presitge thing. In my book there is nothing prestigious about Pantano or any other politician. But atleast Pantano knows you’re with him until the end. I bet you’re wealth and backing is very important to him.

  16. Jake says:

    Maybe this Pantano guy will do good things. It is hard to find any motivation to believe any other way than Q says. Our government is ran by men with money with big interests in how a candidate votes on legislature that none of us ever hear about.

    Abortion, gun control, immigration… that’s just the stuff we hear about. It’s the back door deals and fine print and pork programs that actually matter to the big money people.

    I don’t know Pantano, but I’d think he ain’t got any better way of chaging our gov’t than the next guy. Politicians get elected by knowing the right people. If Pantano isn’t hangint out at Crossfit, it is obvious that it’s because crossfitters are typically blue collar working folk that haven’t the time, much less the money, to care about fancy dinners with some guy they dno’t know.

    In everything Pantano does he talks about his Marine Corps service and support for the troops. Maybe he’ll fix the VA if he gets into office and have our tax dollars pay for what the wounded warrior foundation does. There’s a politician worth voting for.

  17. Andrew says:

    The Ilario that we know and love from the gym and the Ilario that is needed to win a campaign are two different people. It’s the nature of the game. Ilario does what he feels he needs to in order to win an election. It’s as simple as that. Even though the ideals he represents are honorable, they don’t win seats in Congress. Big money and face time do. I don’t know of any of his original supporters that can afford a $1,000.00 dinner, but it’s evident that his campaign manager feels that is the crowd to pander to.

  18. Em says:

    Nicely said Andrew….politics are very difficult…and you must play the game, which is what Iliario is trying to do,play it the best he can, with the political advisors he has. Q, while I still believe it lacking in character that you are quick to voice an opinion, but do not have the nads to put your name out there, the points you make have opened a wonderful discussion. I may not agree with things you have said, or the perspective you have, in all counts, I appreciate opinions (more so when I know where they are coming from). I hate politics and all it entails because it does change the PEOPLE running, …it is not as easy as “I will do this” because its just not that simple. And yes, you have to have the money, connections and such to get anywhere, but my hopes are that once someone “gets there”, they will at least try to improve things. Hands tied often, due to “politics”, which is why I would suck at politics (not real good at someone telling me what to do), but atleast understanding where the people they represent are coming from, dealing with and within the power they are actually given (which is not much compliments of lobbists) to make some change. Even if its only for a term, to try something different than what we have had for the past several decades…I’m willing to believe in the man I know, what his original ideals were and are, and that once in office, he will make change happen or at very least get it started. I see enough crap on a daily basis at work, as do many of us….maybe with some change in the controlling party, the crap will lessen a bit…here’s hoping IP can help with that….

  19. Em says:

    Oh yeah…and I’m done with the political stuff…lets focus on better things like…when we gonna hear who won the raffle prizes =) I’m just saying!!

  20. tom k says:

    one thing I would like to point out is the US effectively only has 2 parties (democratic and republican) whereas countries like Denmark have about 9! Also voter turnout in 2006 (no presidential year) was only 37%!

    In order to change the state of the US political machine everyone needs to get involved and educated. So I would challenge everyone to do some research this November and encourage your friends and family to do likewise. All the way from the board of education to the congress….I am not saying there will be a overnight change but we need to start somewhere.

  21. Jen S. says:

    Wow! I am really surprised at the lack of support for Ilario. The Pantano family has been working tirelessly for the past 9 months to win a race that will give the small business owner a voice in all the bullshit that is politics! Yes, he needs to play the game to get in there and he needs money to be able to do that. I would think that his crossfit friends would be the ones who would have minds open enough to understand all of the stress he and Jill have been under and understand that he is working for the common good of us all. Not be petty and count the number of workouts he gets in these days..EVERYONE who knows Ilario and Jill knows that they would so much rather be hanging with us and doing the wods instead of taking hard line questions shot at them about where they stand politically…and what they are going to do for me! We need good men (like Ilario) and women in the political arena fighting for our best interests. Or we can all just sit back and bitch about it like Q…then NOTHING will ever get done. Buck up and back your friend!!!!

  22. clint H. says:

    Jen, no greater words could have been spoken, thanks . Of course I would imagine that the majority of the CFW family Openly does support Ilario with no apologies.

  23. Ryan McInnis says:

    This thread started on a positive note about a charity event… and now I’m having trouble typing I’m so livid.

    “Our politicians count on two things. The money of the wealthy. And the ignorance of the masses. We know which he is getting from Crossfit.” -Q

    “it has an “ANIMAL FARM” tone to it……All animals are created equal , but some are more equal than others………. Im not saying , Im just saying…..”-No Good

    “If Pantano isn’t hangint out at Crossfit, it is obvious that it’s because crossfitters are typically blue collar working folk”-Jake

    “instead of a fundrasier for The WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT ”

    “And immediately after our elected officials reduce their own pay to a wage where we all knew it was about sacrifice and service, not profit, they would vote themselves a term limit of two. 8 years in office.”

    “Until then, they are scum and they mooch off the workers and businesses and the wealthy. And until you wake up and realize they don’t work for us, we will continue to allow the status quo.”

    “But atleast Pantano knows you’re with him until the end. I bet you’re wealth and backing is very important to him.”

    “This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I could keep going but instead I’ll spend my energy and time working to make a difference, as small as it may be, so i can sleep well at night. Citizen Legislators give up their lives to serve others, to do the hard things that no one else wants to… that’s where IP was last Saturday. Doing what he needed to do so he could sleep knowing that because of his effort, his kids might have a better America than the poor me, gimme gimme bs we have right now.

    Congrats to everyone that has given of themselves for a cause in the past weeks, it’s not easy but it feels good for a reason.

    Amen and goodnight.

  24. t. says:

    I don’t even know what to say to most of this. I feel like I’m moderating a discussion between elementary kids of some FB dramasode.

    Ilario Pantano is a good man. I will vote for him. Those two things I KNOW (my perception) to be fact. IP got into a game that he knew he’d be smeared but all angles at all times.

    It frustrates me that the responses to Q were all emotionally driven and mostly without ration or reason. By posting against an anonymous person’s opinions with no regard to reason and allowing yourselves to write only through emotion is irresponsible. If you remove your feelings for IP from this most of what Q. says isn’t that far off… about POLITICS and POLITICIANS. Not Ilario.

    I say again… NOT ILARIO.

    I am friends with IP and back his efforts.

    I didn’t weigh in heavy in opposition of Q. or in favor of IP for two reasons. I thought we might have a grown up discussion about politics and our government and I was disconnected from the website doing fun stuff with my friends for the first time in a few months.

    Instead it turned into “Nana nana doodoo stick your head in poopoo”.

    So many of you use words like “fact” when you are actually stating your opinion and worse, your feelings. Your perceptions are yours. To call someone a name because they don’t have your view on politics or even because they attack your friend is not productive. Your arguement becomes invalid to rational, intelligent persons.

    A few of the comments were posted with some context of being so enlightened that everyone else’s opinion is garbage. I’m not the most traveled or worldly of folks I know, but I’ve not spent my entire adult life in one spot doing one thing. I’ve been around and I’ve been around a lot really intelligent people. I tried to learn as much as I could while I could and am still doing so. I’ve found that the smartest people on this planet are the most humble and least cocky. My point? My experieces have shaped my perception. It is mine, as flawed as it may be. But I own it.

    I don’t have any problems saying what I think… to each of you. Remember now, these are my thoughts, not feelings. So try not to let my thoughts hurt your feelings and know that I don’t apologize unless I think I’m wrong, not just because you do. And keep in mind that typically, I find that folks are usually offended by the truth more than anything.

    Q?, don’t be so easily offended. That world is lame. The world could stand less hurt feelings and more solid people with solid character. It sucks you’d not post overtly. But I commented on my understanding of the anonymity. My members are not very tolerant and I’m a bit intolerant of their intolerance. But passionate people typically spot off at the mouth without thinking through their words. And then they make your points of ignorance and naivity for you.
    I agree that our politicians have to play a game to get elected. That game sucks. IP entered that game is playing by its rules. However, he’s done so with integrity. He’s stuck to the facts and kept his run clean. Honorable is the way. He’s under echelons of scrutiny and his balance hasn’t been thrown off by any blow.

    Noelle, no one does anything for one reason. IP is not shallow. He thinks through everything he says before he says it and plans his actions before he does them. As far as caring for your children goes… I think it’s an implied task. No one is doubting IPs love and care for his youngans. It sucks that so many parents don’t care about their kids that we think it’s an oddity when they do.

    Em, you care much for IP and his family. Most of us that know them do. We know you say what you feel. I love it. But there are many that don’t feel the way you do. There are many that will tell you all about the “great” things IP’s opponent has done for the region. His party considers him successful and not “scum”. IP doesn’t name call, no reason for us to either. Q? doesn’t strike me as closed or miserable. He or she is fairly articulate and was never drawn into the feeling fed bolstering of his counters on this thread. He/her points are typically more about the politics involved and were not haphazardly written. I told IP myself that if you do not see Q?’s points, it is becasue you choose not to.

    Ronbo, MB. It’s funny that the two of us, took the stance we did. Our backgrounds and experiences aren’t too different. We both know IP better than the others who’ve posted. Yet neither of us jumped on the smash Q? bandwagon. There have, since we didn’t, been some that are throwing question to our friendship and love for our Bro Ilario. We both support Q? in being able to argue his opinion. We both have content for his/her posting under an anonymous name. Again we don’t jump all over Q? with names and insults. Why is that? Are we not patriots standing up for the same things IP does? Maybe we don’t know what it means to be loyal. Or what it means to be a “true” friend. Maybe.

    Clint, Man, I don’t get your post. You write as though you by far more “enlightened” than the rest of us. I know of “big boy” games. Many of the members of our gym have played games way beyond what you or even IP will ever know. Most of us have content for politics and politicians alike becuase we are aware of their ineffectiveness and the games they must play. Running politcal office is a choice of Ilario’s. It’s stakes are no more costly than driving to the market. If IP loses… he keeps his life, limbs, and eyes. I don’t feel any more sorry for his time away from his family than I do for our men and women serving overseas. I think it an honor, not a sacrifice.
    As for your likening a political campaign to business and capitalism, wether from a customer’s (I don’t like the word consumer) point or a business owner’s, it is ridiculous. As far IP learning who his friends are… I wonder sometimes how the word is thrown about so easily. Loyalty and friendship go hand in hand until things get truely hard. I doubt your friendship with IP will ever be so tested. There are many lovey dovey quotes out there on friendship. I like this one best: “True friends stab you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde
    I hope you’re right about people like IP in and furthering small business. I’m a realist and a skeptic though. I don’t know how much a freshman Representative can actually do. The newly elected Congressmen and Senators have little to no influence in their respective halls.
    It sucks… IP is doing the right thing by pledging a limit terms. But by doing so he effecitvely castrates himself. It’s honorable, but the system is screwed up. Until they actually vote themselves a term limit, the self imposed limits won’t work.

    Q?, You want and wish our government better. I think you’re living in a dreamland if you think our politicians will ever do any of the things you suggest. I’d argue anyone that thinks they will are in the same dreamworld if they think our goverment was ever set up “FOR THE PEOPLE”. Our founding fathers didn’t ever mean for the poor and uneduated to really be in power. If it were the case, we’d have a true popular electoral system for naming our President. The realiity is smart people don’t trust dumb people to lead them to their fate. There is class system in the US. Not being aware of it is ignorant.
    *Careful… this is were I hurt feelings and my friendship for IP will come into question* I don’t know why IP wasn’t at FGB. I would have certainly appreciated him being here. I think he could have if he had chosen to. As a realist, I know he has to prioritize his engagements. Either way, I wouldn’t let my feelings get hurt over it. He is inside the last few weeks of the race has to be were it counts.
    I do think many politicians state and national office mooch. They get paid no matter how crap of a job they do. All from our tax dollars.
    Your last statement takes you extemely close to a personal engagement with Clint. It’s interesting that you only kept it to a jab.

    Jake, I agree.

    Andrew, you’re on your way to being a fat cop. Just kidding MB. I agree with you too.

    Dang everyone… lighten up everyone. All of this is small sh*t. And don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Ronbo, you comment seemed out of whack to me until we chatted. No Good wasn’t saying AWESOME literally. He was being a smart*ss! Like, this is LAME!

    Em, I wish I had your hopefullness.
    Em, the raffle was posted. We shared in the not winning of anything. Ha.

    Tom, our voter turnout is lacking. Getting involved sounds great. Most people can’t afford to be but so active. Their daily schedules are full. Besides, don’t we have elected officials paid to look out for our interests.

    Jen, yourself and a few others felt there was not support for IP vs. Q?’s comments. But from the time Q? posted, 6:14pm on Saturday, until 8:30pm on Sunday (when the coming day’s wods are posted) there was very little traffic on our website. So I don’t think it had anything to do with not supporting IP, but that no one really saw this thread. Saturday evenings are slow on the CFW site. But even if this was on a Monday, I doubt most of CFW would have posted then either. The majority of CFW doesn’t know IP personally and more of them probably just don’t care about politics as you, a business owner, do.

    Clint, I don’t think Jen is going to win a pulitzer for her spoken word as elequent and professional they were. I assume the “without apologies” comment was a passive way of redirect to my apology for putting a political endorsement on my business. Either way and if not, I’ll still take this opportunity to explain it further and hopefully clarify to those of you who somehow think I was not being up to standard with your definition of loyalty and friendship.
    CFW is not a political body. The website is not for politics or religion. I apologized to my members who may not share your or Ilario’s political views, opinions, or feelings. They are not “most of CFW”. CFW is not a democracy or a rebublic. I consider all my paying members opinions and needs. Not just Ilario’s or his supporters. I removed the Pantano logos from our site when it was brought to my attention some of my members cared little for it.
    CFW will train anyone that wants to train. Obama/Biden stickers are just as welcome as Pantano stickers in our parking lot. That’s capatalism and I’m a capatalist, not a democrat or a republican. No apologies there.
    Actually, you’d be hard pressed to get me to say I’m sorry. I don’t act irrationally and or do things I don’t mean. I, like our friend IP, think before I do.
    I’ve not a single apology for any thing I’ve done or not done by way of my support for IP. I didn’t jump all over Q? becasue I mostly just don’t care. It’s my belief and opinion that IP’s win or lose in November will affect very little in this world. Jaded by my own experiences… probably. Ilario still has my friendship and my vote. Again… I don’t throw about the word friend. It means more to me than just a Facebook request and I don’t say it about many people I’ve not played “big boy” games with.

    Ryan, Bro… much passion. I dig it.
    In the first para, I’m not sure which part is the insult, the money/ignorance thing or it coming from CFW. It’s hard for me to argue against Q? on the money/ignorance thing. The CrossFit thing was an insult but until that point, most of the arguements to Q? were lacking substance.
    Ron did take a “middle child stance”, but I don’t think most of you guys will ever completely understand why he, nor I completely jumped in on Q?.
    Straight Up… CFW is not the most expensive gym in town Bro. CFC is over $200 per month (unless your a cutie) and if you want a trainer at any other gym everyday, you’ll pay upwards of 2,000$ per month. Our demgraphic as are most CFs, is most blue collar. We don’t have many members that earn over 100k per year. Look around. I’ve no problem with opinions, but don’t miss quote facts about CFW on CFW’s site. Dang.
    I don’t about where he should have been. He goes where he has to. Asked and answered.
    I don’t know enough about Q? to assume he/she is “THE” reason our country is in trouble. I think there are many reasons.
    That comment from Q? about Clint was definetely a jab. I gotta say though… Clint fired with lamo comments first.
    Ron said it as a smart*ss… like he couldn’t believe how lame and childish the discussion was. You guys should be ashamed that you assumed Ron’s not of better character. Let’s not forget the “unique” situation Ronbo was put into while in direct support of IP. He’s still friends and supports IP. No shame should be placed on Ron. He knows only one way to be friends. There’s something you can always count on with us Knucledraggers… we’re simple. Some things are black and white and with no condition to us.
    Sleep is important to all our performances and wellness. Blackening your room and adding white noise helps too.

    So… agian, my views. Not those of CFW. Try not to get your feelings tangled up by my views.

    I don’t take me that seriously, you shouldn’t either.

  25. Q? says:

    Wow. Our leader is so awesome. Tony you know so much why aren’t you president. Screw congress. The old saying ends. “Open your mowrh and remove all doubt”

  26. t. says:

    Hmmm… I only know what I know. And I know this last post from Q? isn’t from the same person as the others.

    It’s one thing to post anonymously… but it’s really lame to post anonymously under another person’s anonymous post.

    Nice try, albeit lame.

    I’m no leader, but thanks for the election. If my words make me a moron, so be it. I own them.

  27. Debb says:

    Well I just don’t know what to say, maybe I should keep my mouth closed and look ignorant..naaa!
    Wow Q? I really believe that you are a he. I have discovered that I may love a mystery man more than I loath a coward, you even quoted Lincoln one of my favorites.
    Well I don’t know about you guys but I have read these postings a few times and I do know that I care about your experiences and passions but not so much about your bull…. opinions. I am not an enlightened soul but I do observe and read about them. My experience in the last 2 years and 4 months is that I have met some amazing people, some with jobs some without, people of all backgrounds. There is one thing that we all have in common amongst our group and that is we have a different kind of drive you just dont see everywhere, just look around and observe. Weather it be politics, nursing, military, our kids, or many others that are in our gym we have a passion like no other I have seen. Well enough about that….
    What I want to say is that my mind opened up to alot more possibilities in my life, I became healthy, way more fit than I ever thought possible, I went through some horrible dark times and lived through them, became more involved with my community and became a successful small business owner. I say these things because feelings did not drive me to do these things, my experiences and passions drove me to it. I forgot my point…. OH yea feelings are only good for a very few things and their all temporary according to my experience. They sure can feel good though.
    I have gotten to witness little ole ladies and cripple ole men get a twinkle back in there eyes when they get to share about the hope of our government changing…t. you say there is not much that a freshman can do to fix our problems, well IP already has for some and nothing anybody says in these postings can change that. People now have hope, and it may be temporary but who cares.
    Believe it or not that is how you started with me, just giving me a little hope went along way….

  28. Em says:

    Damn…I’m just tired from it all…Is November here yet? I’m really ready to vote and get this deal done! Nice words t…well said…And you are right in emotion leading responses (I am the worst at this…as I’m sure you have seen)…at the same time, while I may not agree with statements of a friend collegue…as a friend and collegue, the emotional/passionate side of me, will jump up and defend the same person if they need it (or as Josh would say the “Redneck” in me would show strong). I love “conversation” and even debates…sometimes too much…This comment section you have given us provides a comfort zone for many of us..which is awesome! If it was not so appreciated, there would be NO responses. Thanks for the FULL perspective….

  29. clint H. says:

    wow, Quite amazing stuff. I will end my thoughts, which i am sure some are more thankful than others by saying that I stand behind Ilario as the best man for the Job he is doing and I don’t apologize for supporting him. Tony no doubt when it comes to life or death decisions you are probably on the top of the ladder and when it comes time to have someone go kill the bad guys, You are the man I choose to send. Ron I think your nick name says it all. “No Good” LOL and for the rest of you, well I don’t know you well enough to make a comment good or bad. I do think this was beneficial to those that left comments and to those who just were spectators because the blinds were pulled off and we have seen everyone for who they really are and what they really think. And for what its worth truth is always valuable! May crossfit Rock on! and lets all be thankful we don’t have to live together we only have to be members at the same gym and that’s tolerable no matter how much of an idiot or how lame you think someone is. Shoot a great friend on mine once said “that if everybody was exactly alike all but one of you is unnecessary!”

    Let the family move on!

  30. Ryan McInnis says:

    Tony- I’ve never belonged to a gym so I had no reference for that comment, and the sleep has been a rare commodity while making the effing best FGB video that the world has ever seen. I am passionate about friendships, integrity, and pushing harder to better myself or our blessed country. I don’t look at collar color, I work hard, own businesses and don’t make much money but live a pleasant life… in fact, I really don’t like shirts with collars that much anyway.

    Ronnie- I didn’t mean personal offense to you, you know how entrenched I am in the campaign and how much I appreciate CFW… that Q genius emptied a mag on all of us. I know you better and missed the joke.

    My thing is this- don’t complain if you’re not giving your time/energy to change what you disagree with. Putting IP in office isn’t a magic bullet for our problems, but it’s a start. And if it doesn’t go his way, he’s at least made his opponent a better Congressman. Politicians are supposed to represent the people- so it’s our responsibility to BE the people we want our leaders representing.

    CrossFitters are a special breed, it’s an honor to be a part of the clan. We need to stick together and never forsake a brother or sister for choosing to undertake a challenge that may not be popular to everyone.

  31. Q says:

    Yes. The last wasn’t me. Posting anonymously is cowardice and removes all relevance from the posters thread. If thats the case, what does posting under someone else’s anonymous post mean?

    So I don’t think Tony should be president, a Senator perhaps. Lol. But i dont think when he opens his mouth he lets us know he’s stupid.

    If my imposter read what tony says, you’d read a supporter of our constitution but not necessarily of the way of our govgovernment.

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