Elizabeth performing a split jerk in the strength portion of yesterday's workout
With a partner complete for time. . .
50 m tire flip jump through*
run 400 m
50 m tire flip jump through*
run 400 m
*each team member jumps in and out of the tire after every flip

3 thoughts on “Saturday Tire Flips

  1. Meagan says:

    Thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped tonight. Instructors and members all worked together to push people through the tough WOD. I appreciate everyone who took the time to help out.

  2. Tanner says:

    Good stuff by the class today. You four ladies rocked it! Shout out to Chrissy and Sara for flipping the big tire.

  3. Tanner says:

    Also, FGB 6 update. . . we have nearly doubled our donations since Wednesday! Keep it up crew! We’ve raised just over $3,000 so far. There are still far too many people with zero donations. If you sign up, put at least 10 bucks in your account. $12,000 is the goal, we can do this!

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