This is Tracy. Tracy is part owner of the newest CrossFit in Wilmington, Port City CrossFit. In the photo above, she is receiving her new PR for the Clean in bottom and way below parallel. She attended our Weightlifting Class on Thursday. She PR'ed her Clean by 20lbs and her Clean & Jerk by 15lbs. So many CrossFitters come to us from other gyms lacking what we consider the basics. CFW prides itself on our technical approach and expertise. It's this technique driven instruction that clearly defines us. Thanks for coming Tracy and congratulations to you and Keith on Port City CrossFit!


5 rounds for time… 
25m Sled Drive (+145lbs/+95lbs) 
Recover 1 minute
*We’ve only two sleds.  Pair up with someone comparable to your speed and power and rotate your drives and recovery.

For time…
20 Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs)
10 Pull Ups
15 Thrusters
15 Pull Ups
10 Thrusters
20 Pull Ups

Felise  completed 5 rounds + 1 Snatch of yesterday’s workout w/ 95lbs and 37″ box jumps.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Sled Drives

  1. Josh says:

    Kent my brother, I had to wait until today to get back with you. I figured you went to bed early last night after the early bird blue plate special at “The Waffle House”. I was wondering if your were driving your house down to “The Big City” when we see you in Durham. Yeah, I know, same old jokes. But you are old and a red neck plus I’m not much of a smack talker. Hope your still crushing it, cant wait to catch up.

  2. Rob the Ghost says:

    Tracy, great job on that Clean on Thursday… you really surprised me with your power and speed! Keep up the great work! And to anyone else who wants to increase their strength and power, I encourage you to come to the Thursday night weightlifting classes. Tony and I know what we are talking about (not to toot our own horns) and can help you drastically increase your form and technical understanding of these two incredibly difficult lifts. Remember, knowledge is power!

  3. t. says:

    Right on Rob. I stress oly technique, but we do so much other technique driver training.

    This afternoon at 1pm our instructors who attended the endurance cert a few weeks ago will present the information they gained. If you want to improve your runnning technique, better plan your training, and learn the trigger point release massage techniques, join us. It’s no cost.

  4. Tracey says:

    Thanks to both of you for all your help! Now I visually can see I need to work on the elbows and my long ass legs are in the way lol! Can’t wait to come back and learn more!

  5. kent says:

    joshy boo,
    I am old and i am a red neck oh and i do have a camo waffle house hat. If i remember correctly it was ya’ll that drove the house to the big city last year. DC? DC? DC? guess hes to skeered to talk back or he has his hands full of food and cant type.

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