This afternoon, and every Thursday (5pm-7pm) and Saturday (1pm-3pm), we are hosting the CrossFit Games Sectionals workouts.  The is no cost for doing the workout at CrossFit Wilmington.

Christina K. at last weekend's YMCA Azalea Festival Triathlon. Tomorrow, Christina and 5 10 others from CFW will participate in the Quintiles Half Marathon. St. Louis and Andrew B. are both running the full Marathon. We wish them well!


Today everyone is going to do the sectional WOD

AMRAP in 10 min:
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch-or G2O anyway (75 / 55)

5 thoughts on “Saturday Sectional WOD

  1. Caleb says:

    For those who have finished the sectional WOD or will finish it today, remember to post your scores for verification. I cannot do anything until you submit them. Also, try to get that done by tonight because I’m pretty sure the server is going to be overloaded tomorrow and I’d hate to not get someone’s counted.

  2. caleb says:

    Good call Daniel, I was just about to post that…new deadline isn’t until the evening of the 27th

  3. Cullen says:

    Sweet! I guess that means I get to participate now. Unfortunately my body has been beat to hell & back after spending this week attempting to learn to snowboard. I feel like I did after my first few months of CFW – aching in parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed! Thanks HQ for extending the deadline for those of us that scheduled untimely vacations.

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