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  1. t. says:

    The dedication to improving her strength and lifting is paying off… good work Jordan.

    I’ve been very proud of CFW’s reputation for being an “Olympic LIfting” CrossFit Gym. I decided early on we would go the extra bit and really try to teach proper technique to our members. It has always paid off. It’s not easy. Teaching Olympic Weightlifting is not only difficult, but learning to teach it is too. It can be even more difficult to teach an instructor to teach it. Some folks will never be good at Olympic lifting. It’s just the way it is. It is just a reality, but some coaches will never be good at teaching it.

    I’ve always been torn about Olympic Lifting and CrossFit. Many Strength & Conditioning coaches beat up on CrossFit, especially early on, about performing Oly lifts at high reps. My counter to that was, if you are power cleaning a weight you can do 30 times in 90 seconds, you most likely are moving a weight that, even with less than stellar form, will not hurt you. Of course, for even that type workout with Olympic weightlifting a person should be conditioned to it. Isn’t that how everyone gets hurt with any type of training? We simply overstep the boundaries of our conditioning? Of course it is. If an untrained runner goes straight into a marathon, he or she will most likely pay for overdoing it with injury.

    So now, we’ve seen a complete flip flop. Well, almost… there are still plenty of CrossFit affiliates that have no clue how to teach the olympic style lifts. But for the a large part, the olympic lifts have become so important in Crossfit, or to be successful in CrossFit competitions, that affiliates and CrossFit instructors had to ante up and learn more about the lifts and how to teach them.

    If not for CrossFit, Weightlifting in the US would still be a dead sport. As far as technique and form, well, I’ve been to quite a few Oly meets and there is crap form and technique there too. Yes, even in the pure sport itself, there are coaches that are clueless and lifters that have horrible form. But isn’t that how it is in all sports? A kid playing soccer for the first time most likely won’t be on the US team that year. And not all basketball coaches know how to take a team to the finals.

    So for all the nay sayers in the S&C community, I can show them new lifters at this CrossFit that are moving some good weight with excellent form… and I can show them vids from the last five years showing we didn’t just start producing them. More so, those same nay sayers can now go to most any Oly meet and find most of the lifters came from a CrossFit Affiliate.

    For the Crossfit affiliates that haven’t taken the time to figure out the lifts… it’s up to them. But it would do them well. The oly lifts develop power, speed and coordination more than any other type of weight training. If a person masters the oly lifts, he or she can anticipate an improved overall athleticism.

  2. Amanda W says:

    I completely agree, t. For those of you new to crossfit or CFW, take the time to learn the lifts right. We will always go over the lifts before a workout if they are incorporated, but nothing beats repitition when it comes to learning. Just ask the crew that completed the oly class today. Embrace the skills early so you don’t develop bad habits later on….(this includes myself by the way). The discipline will pay off ten-fold, not only in your oly numbers but also in your general athleticism.

  3. Mere says:

    Look at you!!!! Get it girl! Love your fire and determination to do well and surpass all of your goals!

    Todays WOD was super fun!

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