I post quite a bit about ART Chiropractic and highly recommend it for treatment of soft tissue injury.  Dr. Eric McGraw, who presents mobility and injury care/prevention seminars at CFW, is an ART Chiropractor.   The treatments he provides address injury to muscle and connective tissue speeding healing to many common exercise and repetitive use injuries.
See his website to learn more: www.activecarewilm.com  

Read more about Active Release Techniques on the Active Release Techniques website here.
And read Charles Poliquin’s article:
“A Closer Look at Active Release Techiques (ART)”
The history of a soft-tissue treatment that has revolutionized health care.
Click here to read the article.

A big thanks to Ed Bugarin for presenting the POSE Running clinic yesterday.  The attendees gained useful knowledge applicable to all running environments, from CrossFit to ruck marches to marathons and were able to track their progress through the use of video techniques.

CFW was well represented at the Step Up For Soldiers Combat Mud Run on Saturday. Pictured are Barbara and Anthony Heath, Rob and Kelly Asp, Gene, Chrissy, Albert, Sara C, Jocelyn, Pedrina and Coleen. Congrats to all who completed the challenge!

Five rounds for time…
4 Clean (225lbs/145lbs)

Olympic Weightlifting
Class at 6 am

8 thoughts on “Active Release Techniques

  1. t. says:

    Thank you to those who went to the run. You gave up a few hours of your weekend to exercise, something you do anyway, and support an organization that helps wounded service men and women have a better life. It means a lot to all the services to know you guys care.

  2. Andrew says:

    There are still spots available for Will Kuenzel’s seminar. If you’re the least bit hesitant, don’t be. It is money very well spent.

  3. Sara Clark says:

    The race was so much fun! I hear rumors they are going to do another one in the near future. I encourage you all to do it.

  4. Albert Steed says:

    Thanks Brock! It was a great race for a great event with a hella great team. I had so much fun and that has gotten ready to sign up for more this summer. Getting ready to sign-up for the Brave Solider and maybe the Tough Mudder or something if I can find one not to far away. 😀

  5. t. says:

    I’m happy Step Up For Soldiers invited us to sponsor their event. Thanks again CFW for supporting it!

    We’ve so much going on at and around CrossFit Wilmington these days! Albert mentioned The Brave Soldier Challenge… you’ve gotta check it out.

    Set Up Events, the largest Triathlon and race promoter on the east coast, has also invited CrossFit Wilmington to sponsor and participate in a race a little more up our alley than the typical triathon. The events and registration can be viewed on their site.

    And that’s not all we have for you this week… but that is all I’m sharing you today. Stand by for a big one on Friday.

  6. Tanner says:

    The POSE Seminar was great yesterday. All 6 participants improved their technique in just a few hours. Ed will be back next Sunday and I highly recommend that you attend!

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