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The next Olympic Weightlifting course will run from Wednesday, January 14th until Saturday, February 23rd. Wednesday classes will be at 6:00pm and Saturday classes at 9:30am. CrossFit Wilmington is known for it’s Olympic Lifting and application of the lifts in CrossFit. We recognize the importance of technique and efficiency versus the application of sheer effort. The Olympic Lifts are unmatched for improving an athlete’s overall physical prowess and are especially apt for developing explosive power. More, they increase an athlete’s coordination and therefore develop skills any athlete can apply. The primary Instructor will be Tony. Assistant Instructors are Dawn and Cody. Please see an instructor to register and pay for your spot in the course.




Cody hitting a new Jerk PR of 335lbs.



2 Rope Climbs
24 Air Squats
24 Clean & Jerk (95, 65)
24 Dips
24 Air Squats
24 Pull-ups
24 Snatch (95,65)
24 Air Squats
4 Rope Climbs
800m Run

14 thoughts on “New Olympic Weightlifting Course January 16th

  1. Chrissy says:

    Happy Birthday, Cody!! Let me guess…you’re 24, right?! Nice job on the jerk PR. Seriously impressive weight!

  2. Scott S says:

    Cody, it is freaky – You are exactly half my age and lift twice as much as I do. Funny how things work out. Keep pushing, you have bigger numbers ahead of you.

  3. Sensei says:

    Welcome Jo!


    SELF DEFENSE COURSE NEXT THURSDAY 7PM!! $40 per person! You won’t be disappointed and it can save your life! Sign up sheet at the front desk and more information hitting this site soon!
    Happy birthday Cody.


    TELL THE LADIES ABOUT THE COURSE WITH YOUR ENDORSEMENT and I will ask those who attend where they heard about it. If they say “instructor so and so” I will HOOK YOU UP! i.e. gift card….$$….something you will be happy to receive!

    By training today! I survive tomorrow!

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