New Year’s Holiday Hours

New Years Eve: 8am-Noon
New Years Day: Closed



Don W. snatching during yesterday’s snatch/hspu workout. Since joining 5 months ago, Don has came a long way with the olympic lifts. Keep up the good work.




“Hammer Gone Bad”

3 rounds for total reps:
1 min Sledgehammer swings (16/12)
1 min Sledgehammer squats
1 min Sledgehammer push-ups
1 min Sledgehammer sit-ups
200m Sledgehammer run
rest 1 min

3 thoughts on “Hammer Gone Bad

  1. Meagan says:

    You mean the fun sized chick? I think she goes by Superfantabulous. Haha.

    No yoga tomorrow. See you all next Sunday!

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