Ruck For Rover

Pup in Cage
The march begins at Wild Wing Cafe’ and ends at PetSmart and your pups are welcome to tag along… leashed of course.  Select a package of dog or cat food that you can carry 3.8miles.  Put the package in a backpack and meet us at Wild Wing Cafe’ at 7:30am .  The 3.8 mile course is primarily on the Wilmington Cross City Trail and sidewalks.   The Columbus Humane Society will collect the food at PetSmart.  Transportation back to Wild Wing Cafe’ will available at PetSmart.




Christina P. performing push presses during yesterday’s deadlift/push press smoker. Great job to everyone!


½ Murph
Run 800
150 Squats
100 Push Ups
50 Pull Ups
Run 800

2 thoughts on “Ruck For Rover

  1. t. says:

    I hope to see all you in the am. Come out and help us feed the animals of the Columbus Humane Society.

    I have give a little shout out to T. Rose… after a face to face running of today’s heavy-con (yeah, I’m making up new words these days), where he made a dismally unsuccessful attempt at running away from me at the beginning, pulled out an ol’ school CFW play. As we scraped ourselves off the floor from the programmed weight, he says “wanna drop it to 225/135 and do it again?”. Unable to turn down the youngan’s request for another shot at my old a**, I began setting up the bars for another run. A few minutes later I was waiting for him to finish that run too. Get some!

  2. Kelly Lehman says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been volunteering for a local animal rescue for the past few years and just wanted to pass this along……most any rescue or shelter would be more than happy to take any old towels, blankets, or throw rugs ( or the ones in your bathroom) off your hands for you. They are great for lining cages and clean ups. If you want to unload some, I would be happy to turn them in for you. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

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