Remember when you were brand new to CrossFit? When you walked in the door for the and you didn’t know anyone, it was probably a bit intimidating. I bet someone went out of their way to introduce themselves to you and make you feel at ease.

Now you’ve been a CFW member for a good while now, a year or more. Classes and training are coming naturally to you and you know a large number of the rest of the members.

But we still have new members. Every day they come in the door of CFW just like you did. They may be a little bit intimidated by their first class, or seeing you lift heavy weights that they can only dream of lifting on their first day.

When you see a new member, remember what it was like on your first day. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to a new face. I bet it will make their day a little brighter.

It’s the little things that we do at CFW that make us who we are. Let’s make all of our new folks feel just as welcome as our veteran members!