When the doctor’s office calls and tells you, “Your biopsy looks a little suspicious and you have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow morning”, are some of the worst words you can hear.  Then you meet with the surgeon and hear something even worse, “We need to fit you into our surgery schedule tomorrow.”  My life went from being focused on the good things to being focused on one thing – surviving.  Then I woke up in surgery recovery with a 2 X 3 inch scar on my back and 12 pairs of lymph nodes gone.  Oh, yeah, and I had drainage tubes from each armpit dangling down for the next 2 weeks.  But 6 months later, I joined Crossfit and I haven’t looked back.
Even though I survived a melanoma cancer, I didn’t feel like a real survivor.  I went to my first Relay for Life in 2008 and told the folks at registration, “You know, I had cancer but I never went through chemotherapy.  I just don’t feel like I can sit beside people whose lives were wrecked by terrible drugs, lost body parts and who will never be the same.”  The reply I got was, “But you are a poster boy for early detection.  You are just the person we want to promote to the community.  Get tested early and often!”
And they were right.  All the money spent on raising awareness paid off.  If I hadn’t been encouraged to go to the doctor when I did things would have gotten a lot worse.  And my surgery, as inconvenient and scary as it was, was less intrusive and more effective than the same surgery 5 years ago.
So please think about joining the CFW Relay for Life team.  The money raised will make a difference for millions of people.  Some of them you know, like Rosie who recently went through thyroid cancer treatment.  Some of the people saved will be in your family.  One of them might even be you.
All donations are welcome, but consider coming out on April 15-16 to Ashley High School.  It is always a good time and some of you hardcores can try and cover 100 laps (25miles) if you are up to it.  Last year we even had a Crossfit demonstration on the infield.  You can get a good workout in and make a difference.  It is a rare opportunity to feel good both physically and spiritually.
Go to and sign up for the Crossfit Wilmington team today.  Then if you want, I will show you my scars the next time we do a WOD together.

-Scott Smith


Deadlift-work to a heavy single, this should take no more than 15 min

4 rounds for time:
Row 250m
12 KB Swings (24 / 16)

16 thoughts on “Relay For Life

  1. josh says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. You are a great inspiration, role model and friend.

  2. Taylor says:

    You have never had a problem modivating people to be better, do more, and work harder. Thank you for your latest push in a positive direction. You are, with out a doubt, the poster child for not only early detection, but self awareness and strength.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Yesterday @ the beach half @ about mile 7-9 can’t quite remember as I was really hurting & thru my loud music I heard someone call my name.. I looked up & it was u Scott w a smile handing out waters.. Thank u 4 volunteering & for the extra push that u gave me to help me continue!!

  4. Whitney says:

    Caleb, another inspired work out. I came in and thought, ‘that shouldn’t be too bad’ but there I was about to die after the 4th round. Scott Smith, I didn’t know that about you and now I think you are even awesomer than I did before. How could I not sign up after an endorsement like that?

  5. Amanda W says:

    Amazing Scott. You were already the coolest kid in Crossfit … now you’re just the bomb! What an inspiration.

  6. Jill P says:

    Thank you for continuing to give encouragement and wisdom to the group. I never knew you had just gone through that before you joined. You are amazing and I still tear up when I think about you and toes to bar!

  7. No GOOD says:

    I said it years ago, (isnt it nice to say that YEARS AGO and mean here at CFW) that you and Mrs Pat are some of my heros. You have always motavated me I dont think I have ever seen you not moving forward. Thank you for sharing my friend!!!

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Scott! What an amazing story! Tons of people everyday, are walking around thinking that they’re invincible! I was once one of them, haha! My senior year of high school, I found my own cancer. Life is so fragile. We know our own bodies better than ANYONE. We just gotta LISTEN! 🙂 I’ll without a doubt be out there. I suggest EVERYone do the same.

    FYI: 1/3 women 1/2 men … develop invasive cancers.

    You’re tied to someone that has/will be effected by cancer.. It’s basically inevitable. Help change that. 🙂

    P.S. Thank you to all of those that came out to support us at the Quintiles Half/Full Marathon this weekend! 🙂 xo

  9. t. says:

    Next weekend Scott will travel to Savannah, GA to compete in the USAW American Weightlifting Championships. His weights for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk are very competitive on the national level. Wish him well!

  10. Scott S says:

    Thanks for the love, folks. I am grateful that you guys welcome me and Pat in the box. I get my motivation from each of you, wether it is Amanda doing WODs at 8 months, 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant (burpees excluded!), Josh organizing the Relay team, No Good trying anything at any time, all my firefighter and police/sheriff buddies doing their jobs, you hardcores (Caleb, Zach, Nick, Daniel, John and all you women who amaze me) and everyone else showing up and hitting those WODs hard. And most of all, t. for taking my dream of being a weightlifter seriously when you could have just written me off. We are all better because of who we choose to associate with and where we choose to build our bodies and character.

    t. is being his shy self. He is going to Savannah to lift as well and has a real chance of being a national champion. Pump him up.

    PS – think about that Relay for Life! Let’s do a WOD together soon.

  11. Ereka says:

    Scott-as always you are an awesome individual and I enjoy seeing you at the box.
    Great job this evening to the CF ladies that pushed through the Metcon! Regardless of the time of day, you can always find people to inspire you to work harder at CFW

  12. DC says:

    1st Scott you are a BEAST and I remember the 1st day you came to CFW and you looked at me like REALLY.. you want me to do what.. haha But you also had it set in your mind to be a DO’er not someone so sits around and watches other live life. And for that my friend you are my HERO and honored to call you a FRIEND. I look forward to getting back and pushing you.. haha. You are a great inspiration, role model and friend.. 2nd. To the LADIES of CFW to those of you I know and those I don’t each day you step in that box you are doing things 1 someone told you was “CRAZY or STUPID or THEY WERE TO SCARED TO DO”. Pat yourselves on the back cause you all are breaking the stereo type that woman are weak. Keep up the GREAT work.. Miss you all see you soon. 3rd GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND TO THOSE OF YOU IN GA.

  13. Christina says:

    Scott-I didn’t know that you are a cancer survivor and I think you are such a strong person because of it. Your enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious. I always love seeing you and Mrs Pat! Thank you for pushing me to join CFW. And thank you for handing out water at Quintiles, it’s always good to see a familiar face when you are struggling the most!!

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