2012 Crossfit Open starts in three days
CFW members are all encouraged to sign up for the CrossFit Open, the worldwide competition to crown “The Fittest on Earth.” The Open will consist of five workouts over five weeks starting February 22nd and concluding March 25th.  The workouts are easy to complete, with very few high skill or heavy weight components.  We will be completing the workotus weekly as a gym so you will already be doing them here.  Sign up so you can enter your scores and see where you stack up against other competitors in your region and across the world.  There’s no pressure in this competition and it’s a lot of fun even for beginners. To register for the 2012 Crossfit Open go here.

At the time of this post we have 76 competitors signed up for the 2012 Crossfit Open. In our region we are second only to Patriot CrossFit for number of total competitors. If we have the most team members in our region we will receive that number of tickets free to regionals — if you sign up and we win, you get a free ticket.  If you have not yet signed up to do the  Open you have until the 26th to register.

CF Games Competitor Workout Today at 2 pm.
If you are interested in competing in this years Games, or just want to experience a workout with a competition feel, come to CFW today at 2 pm.  The workouts are as follows:

WOD 1:
3 rds for time of. . .
6 Thrusters (185/120)
12 GHD Sit-ups
18 Over-the-box jumps (24/20)

WOD 2:
AMRAP 2 min muscle ups
AMRAP 2 min double unders

WOD 3:
1000 m row
800 m run

As always, all of the workouts are scalable based on ability level. There will be ample rest in between each workout so plan to be here for around 2 hours. Please arrive early to warm-up, stretch etc. Spectators are welcome.

Nico Guendner flipping tires in yesterday's CF Kids Class. (Photo courtesy of Glenn B)

Sunday Schedule
Yoga 9 am
Open Gym 10-11:30 am
Competitor Workout 2 pm

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  1. Meagan says:

    Nico….you did such an awesome job yesterday. All of the kids did. I think we can all learn a thing or two from our.CFW kids. Their squat form is incredible. They have great flexibility….and most of all….they make everything fun.

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