One of the best things about CrossFit Wilmington is the refuge we find here.  After a long day of work and all the stresses of your day, you can come into CFW and get a kick ass, body and mind exhausting workout that releases mood elevating endorphins.  Those wonderful opiate-like compounds released during exertion make all the days woes melt away and get us ready to drive on into tomorrow’s coming rigors.

So when you’ve had a bad day and everything that could go wrong has, you leave work and head towards CFW to get your daily therapy.  You’ve finally reached the point of your day when you have something to look forward to.   You’ve spent any extra minute during your day planning your workout and rehearsing it in your head.  You finally get to the gym, you’ve only a few minutes to get your workout in before you need to run home, cook dinner, prepare for tomorrow, and get to bed.  The last thing you want is to be interrupted, right?

Earlier this week, I noted a member enter the gym.  He looked tired and stressed… he was not his usual up-beat self.  A few minutes later I noticed him packing up to leave without working out.  I met him in the foyer and asked if he was feeling ok.  His reply…  ”I can’t even get a workout started because everyone wants to bullshit with me!”

He was obviously stressed and needed a workout.  The next day he even apologized.  But he had no reason to… his point is valid.  Also, he is not the first person to bring it up.

Yeah, we are a family at CFW, so we all talk and socialize.  The social atmosphere is one of the things that separates CFW from other gyms.  But we also have to give our brothers and sisters the courtesy they need to rid their day of compiled stress.

If you finished your workout and are on your way out, try not to stop your friend who just walked in.  They need the same opportunity you had.

If a person is running an i-Pod, the chances are they want to be left alone.  We play loud music, so if someone has opted to jam their own tunes into their head, it is probably an indicator they don’t want to socialize.

If you have a professional relationship outside CFW with another one of our members, let them leave their work at work.  We have doctors, lawyers, dentists, stylists, chiropractors and others who want to leave their respective practices at the office each day.  Give them that luxury.  CFW is a place to network, not an examination room.  In other words you can find and meet almost any professional you need here, but if you want their professional advice, give them professional courtesy and ask them for their card and set up an appointment at their office.

Along the same lines, CFW instructors are always here to help you.  But we ask you to direct your questions to the on duty staff if at all possible.  You can tell which instructor is on duty by the CFW lanyard and ID they wear while working.  Otherwise, cut the trainers some slack and let them get their workout in too.  We have nutrition classes, consults, and counseling and one on one training available if you prefer it.  But on the gym floor, it’s time for workouts, not shooting the proverbial sh*t.
So before you run up and begin chatting with another member, take a second and assess if they are approachable. See if maybe they need some time with their workout.  If they’re between sets, let them finish their workout.  And here’s a good tip…  avoid beginning a conversation with “can I ask you a question?”.  At that point, you already have.  Ha.