The inaugural Brave Soldier Challenge  kicked off yesterday here in  ILM. There were over 150 participants from as far as Florida.  CFW had over 30 members come out to competed, judge and provide support the event.  Other CF’s that came out, CF CB congrats to Brock who placed 2d in the 40-49 age group, Port City CF, CF 910, CF Mt Olive, CF APX (congrats Andrea who finished 1st in the 40-49 women’s), CF Cateret (congrats Rhonda who finished 2nd in the 40-49 women,s), CF Coastal and CF Asperitas. CFW also had a 7 top 3 competitors in their age brackets.  Congrats to Gene and Adam (from Fix 4 The Day) for the mutual tie of overall first place.  There was a strong showing of military personnel from Camp Lejune and Ft Bragg.  For this being the first event in the series it was very well organized. CFW would like to send a big thank you to Bill and Erin from Set Up Events, for setting up the Brave Solider Challenge and asking us to sponsor this event.

Gene A. Co-First Place Men's Overall, 1st place Men's 30-39
Sara C. 2nd Place Women's 20-29
Dave B. 1st place Men's 40-49
Rosie G. 2nd Place Women's 30-39

More pictures from the Brave Soldier Challenge will follow tomorrow!






4 thoughts on “Recap of The Brave Soldier Challenge

  1. No GOOD says:

    Great job yesterday to all those that volunteered with the set up , support during and the take down of the Brave Solider Event! It was great to see CFW, CFCB, and PCCF all make a strong showing. Congrats to CFW for having a winner in every age group, congrats to Brock at CFCB I cant wait for Brock to get serious about his training ha! What a great day, We even saw IP out there, and in good fun he did finish behind Juno and I. He is going to come back with he had a 3 min penalty, but let him explain his 3 min penatly blah blah blah we will just have to wait till next year.

    For tomorrow I am running MURPH in “KIT” if anyone is interested in using the extra kit I have or wants to run it with me I am planning on starting at 0945. Have a great day…Oh I am putting in a fence today if anyone wants to come assist ha.

  2. Brock Wilson says:

    Great to see all the CFWers at the Brave Soldier. Avidano fu*&in CRUSHED the first event and Dave Boron destroyed the second one. Nice work one and all. PS- @ Ron: Sadly, I AM training seriously. This is me at my unimpressive best. I can only hope for more from some of my members…

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