Join us tonight  at 6 pm for a no cost, Q&A session with Crossfit Wilmington instructors Cody, Melissa, Amanda W., and t. This is a great opportunity to ask the CFW staff any question you would like…  nutrition, training, goal setting, or whatever your interest, we will be here to provide any insight we may have your topic.  It is a great way Amanda Welliverfor you to get the CFW staff’s experiences and success with different diet strategies and training methodologies.

We will talk about the “little” things that can make, or BREAK, your efforts to lean out and get in better shape.  You’ll most likely be surprised how easy it is.

Find out how Amanda W. dropped all her baby weight after having her son Hank (pictured right) and became an integral part of the CFW Games Team.  Ask Melissa (pictured below) how she was able to drop to less than 8% percent body fat and win a Figure Competition while doing CrossFit and eating Paleo…  a week after a Half IronMan triathlon.  Or maybe you want to know about how Cody became, pound for pound, one of the strongest in Crossfit.  t. offers knowledge from 20 years of successes in endurance and strength.  He has an insight on mindset and commitment that has helped many exceed their goals.  He’s learned many lessons, most of them the hard way, and is eager to share with you all.

You do not have to be a member of CFW to attend.  Bring a guest or family member.  We’ll keep our advice and recommendations to the point and practical.






Open Gym

Mobility Classes at 9am and 5pm
Q&A Session at 6pm

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  1. josh says:

    We still have spot’s open for the POSE running course this Sunday. Everyone will benefit from working with Ed Bugarin and his Pose running methodology. Sign-Up!

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