Sean and Candace doing yesterday's core WOD

Due to Hurricane Irene we will be closed tomorrow. Everyone please stay safe. See you on Monday.

1 Hang Power Clean +1 Split Jerk + 1 Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk x 5
* Work up to no more than 135/95

1 min AMRAP of 10m sprint + 1 HSPU ( add +1 HSPU each sprint)
1 min rest
1 min AMRAP of 10 m sprint + 1 Vertical Jump (add +1 VJ each sprint)
1 min rest
1 min AMRAP of 10 m sprint +1 Toes to Bar (add +1 T2B each sprint)
1 min rest
1 min AMRAP 0f 10 m sprint + 1 Burpee (add +1 burpee each sprint)

5 thoughts on “Power Work and Sprints

  1. josh says:

    Congratulations to Jeremy and Kelly Smith on the birth of their son Liam Cain Smith. Both Kelly and Liam are doing great!
    Also, This is Noel Tarr’s last week with us. She will be heading up to Northern Virginia, D.C. area where her husband Ken is currently stationed. Noel, we are going to miss you!

  2. Em says:

    Gonna miss you girlie!! Be safe and keep in touch! Congrats to the Smith family!! So much fun having so many new babies in the gym!

  3. Tanner says:

    Great WOD today by the 6 a.m.ers. Your form on the oly lifts is a night and day difference from when we started. All of you keep up the good work!

  4. Amanda W says:

    Noelle you know you’ll be missed! I can’t believe I haven’t seen you and now you’re gone…booo. Best wishes dear!

    And this may sound stupid….but it is raining…are the sprints inside 😉

  5. josh says:

    Sprints are inside! We will continue to monitor the local weather, as of right now we will stay open until 7.

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