Ben M. achieving excellent depth with a 215lb heaving snatch balance yesterday. The heaving snatch balance is a skill transfer exercise for the Snatch that builds a lifter’s confidence and balance underneath the bar.

Today we will  perform the Crossfit Games Open WOD 13.1. If you are signed-up for the Open you must have your WOD scored by a judge in order for the score to be validated. All scores must be submitted by 8pm Sunday.


17 minute AMRAP of:

40 Burpees
30 Snatch (75/45)
30 Burpees
30 Snatch  (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatch (165/100)
10 burpees
Max rep Snatch (210 120)

Wilmington Weightlifting Club
[Muscle Snatch x 2] + [Snatch Push Press x 2] x 4
[DB Upright Row x 6] + [DB Shoulder Press x 6] x 4
[Cable Facepull x 6] + [Cable Tricep Ext. x 6] x 3


6 thoughts on “Open WOD 13.1

  1. josh says:

    Great work on 13.1 this morning crew. This one is a smoker and you guy’s did a great of pushing through it. Looking forward to hitting it myself!

  2. Shawn K says:

    If you have not seen this wod strategy video, check it out… unfortunately, I completed the workout before finding it. Had I watched it first, I would have heard the warning: “PACE YOURSELF FOOL! DO NOT SMOKE YOURSELF ON THE FIRST SET OF BURPEES”

    … granted, I’ve been CF’ing long enough to know better… but I still prefer to blame it on not seeing the video

  3. t. says:

    Shawn, you’ve been around long enough to know better. Ha.

    This is a 17 minute, lightweight (for most of ya) metcon. The heavy weights, which most folks cannot even get to, are there to bait you. Everyone puts their focus on getting to the 165/100lbs snatch. But if you’re exhausted when you get there, you won’t get any lifts. Like any workout, you have to only go at a pace you can sustain for the time of the workout. Many of you have heard me say “slow down and you’ll be faster”. If I had you run 3 miles for time, you wouldn’t take off at 100m sprint pace.

  4. Carlton says:

    Thanks for the extra push and the guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to snatch the 135lb without the coaching, That was an awesome achievement for me to hit that in the 13.1 and PR. It felt awesome to make it to the next level, looking forward to next friday

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