First thing… wow! All our hard work, training, and attention to lifestyle/nutrition is paying off.  At the time I’m writing this we are 3rd in our region and 10th in the world (subject to change).

This past week CFW Lead Trainer/AGM, Tanner, Melissa Hoff and I attended Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation Seminar / Certification.  If you’ve looked at the CFW website much, you know I’m a fan of Coach Poliquin’s training methods and his nutrition and supplementation work.  I found it to be the continuing education I’ve been looking for and more importantly, a better way to help our clients lose fat and get healthier.  The bonus…  BioSig is also how we’ll fine tune our top athletes to have them achieve their potentials!

Charles’ take on the Paleo diet is very similar to mine.  Basically, it’s “duh, everyone should be eating Paleo”.  It should be sensible to everyone.  It’s not.  So many of Crossfitters and others who’ve jumped aboard the Paleo diet ship spend hours teaching and preaching the concept of the simplest diet known to man, when they should be educating themselves so they can teach nutrition.  Nutrition is where Charles takes things to a new level.

The BioSignature Modulation, “BioSig” for short, is a systematic approach to increasing health parameters by measuring the body’s hormone levels by determining how and where fat is being stored.  BioSig comes from over 20 years of body composition data Charles compared and contrasted to blood, urine, saliva, and other hormone testing methods.  Basically, the body stores fat in relation to hormone levels.  In addition to diet, BioSig directly addresses the factors contributing to imbalanced hormone levels with supplementation and dealing with environmental factors.

Jared “Jrod” Olsen of Next Level Training has been conducting my BioSignature for over a year.  Working with him and having the information the BioSig provides me has improved my recovery, sleep and performance.  It also helped me to rehab that shoulder injury that kept me from training heavy for over eight months.

Many CrossFit trainers around the world have realized the importance of BioSignature and are attending the BioSignature Method Certs.  The OPT crew does too.  There were more than ten CrossFit trainers and a few OPT in our course last week.

I’m very excited about offering BioSignature to our members.  I’ve always made sure CrossFit Wilmington members have every quality resource available for health and performance.  Offering BioSig is a great addition and one of the best investments I’ve made in our clients’ health.

With the BioSignature Certification, we also gained the opportunity to sell Poliquin supplements.  You cannot afford cheap supplements…  most do not have the ingredients on the label and if they do, the ingredients are not even digestible in the human gut.  Quality counts and now you do not have to guess if the Fish Oil you are taking has heavy metals or toxic solvents present or if the magnesium you bought is a chelate your body can even absorb and utilize.

Interested in leaning out (it is pool season, ha!), adding muscle and increasing strength?  How about addressing a health issue like migraines?  Just ask Tanner or myself if we can help you.

Ladies… if you’re not comfortable having a male test your body composition, Melissa Hoff is also a BioSignature Practitioner.  She can do your BioSig instead of Tanner or I.

For all the details and info, click here.

Thanks CFW for your commitment to health, wellness, and fitness.

Josh demonstrating how to properly address the bar for a Clean

Muscle Snatch  3r x 6s
Snatch Pull  3r x 5s
DB Bench Press  5r x 5s

As many reps as possible in 8 minutes of…
6 Pull Ups
10 Air Squats
20 Double Unders


4 thoughts on “Poliquin BioSignature Modulation

  1. t. says:

    Yes. just take a look around You’ll find more info than you can read in the next year. And check out his women’s site too at

    Coach Poliquin is one of the world’s most successful strength and conditioning coaches. He’s not known very well among average CrossFitters b/c of differences in the community. But if you’ve done strength training outside of CF, you’ve done programming developed by Coach P. whether you know it or not.

    His nutrition and BioSIg are the icing on the cake. It’s the fine tuning that just eating healthy doesn’t provide.

  2. Hunter says:

    These supps are no joke. Especially Sinew Plex. I have been doing that plus a multitude of other supps and have good results. Very stoked T, Tanner and Melissa did this cert/ qual. I believe it will enhance our members tremendously. Feel free to contact me regarding my personal experience .

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