Location 3.0 Grand Opening / CFW 5 Years / Team Challenge Finale’ Workout and Cookout

Come join us Saturday December 15th  from 10am until 2pm to celebrate the grand opening of CrossFit Wilmington’s new facility (3.0), the holidays, and the gym’s 5 year Anniversary. The tight race for the team competition winner will come to an end with a final workout. Following the WOD will be a cookout. Please bring family and friends!



6 thoughts on “Pics from Saturday

  1. Albert Steed says:

    Per the callout rules:

    Inside Traders is calling out Team 4. Can we do next Saturday. The workout will be wall ball shots into a tire from 15 feet away. You get two minutes to shot and recover your own with each wall ball that stops in the tire is 1 point. You have to attempt to shoot all three wall balls before recovering their own balls and trying again. Girls are at 10, 14, 20. Guys at 14, 20, 30. (idea stolen from Brock at CB). Bring it.

  2. Jana Fogleman says:

    Watch out what you wish for Albert 🙂 we may just challenge you right back… I’m thinking pool WOD, weight vest and bricks…each team member wearing a thong adds ten points.

  3. t. says:

    The ocean swim was shot down for safety reasons.

    I have to decline Inside Trader’s challenge to Tm 4 too. The wall balls won’t survive that workout. Sorry.

    I also need to amend the rules to the call out slightly…

    a.) Challenging team can only call out a team who outranks it by 1 or 2 places. In other words, 4th place can challenge 3rd and 2nd, but not 1st place. You have to earn the privilege to call out a higher ranking team… the last place team doesn’t deserve (whether by lack of performance or may it be participation) the chance to challenge the first.
    b.) A team can only be subject to one call out per Saturday.
    c.) A higher ranking team can take a challenge away from a lower but must use their challenge. I.e., if 4th place calls out 2nd. 3rd place and take that challenge from 4th. Even at the last minute. They must, however, adhere to the original challenged placed by the lower team.

    Continue to adapt. Cry if you will…

    “All the world loves winner and has no time for a loser.” Knute Rockne, famed Notre Dame football coach.

  4. Albert Steed says:

    To bad on the wall balls it was a fun wod. We were thinking inside on a mat if that changes chances of doing?

    Either way. We now challenge Bac (team 3) to a head to head battle. We propose 125 tire flips with 1 tire per team. Can put as many people on the tire as you want but only one 300 pound tire per team. First one done wins.

    If they concede up front can we challenge team 6!

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