Eric N. getting a 345 lb bench press for a "heavy single"


With a partner complete the following:

3 rds for time…
20 Alternating crawl under Burpee’s
20 Alternating half moon’s (20/14)
400 m Sandbag run
25 m Spiderman Crawl (each person)

5 thoughts on “Saturday Partner WOD

  1. No GOOD says:

    So funny story from the AFGAN. My WOD Partner The Famous ALISON (who you will all meet very soon). We were doing the WOD from the other day with the Front SQUATS. Half way through we had the Air Force dude walk up and burted out I guess it was PRAISE but it sounded something like this…”Man thats some awesome S****, you see all these guys in here trying to squat over 300lbs and cant even do what you 2 are doing, (heres the funny part) MAN THATS THE STUFF FOR BROS DUDE” Alison and I smiled and were actually a little confused and then could not help but laugh when we watched him walk over and do incline bench on the SMITH MACHINE. Probably more funny for us but I just had to share it.

  2. Albert says:

    Burpee Update – Day 73 down.. What started out as a group of around 30 has dwindled down to 13. One of our 13 I think is on the way out as well. Chip has currently done the most total burpees rocking out a crisp 3103. Of everyone that tracked on the sheet we have now put in close to 43,000 burpees since we started.

    Who will be here at the end? Who knows? Cheer us on if you see us. I think we are all starting to get into a burpee haze. 😀

  3. No GOOD says:

    So I am not in sure if our STRENGTH Phase is over yet, but we can already see the gains. On the work up to a Heavy single, it did end up becoming a PR night for Alison and I. To recap I have been working with Alison sense last Aug. She has won the Best bench and Strongest Female Competitions we had on the base over here. So until last night neither of knew what our Back Squat Max was. She finished at 165 and I finished at 305. No bad pain good solid form. Her bench went from a MAX 135 in Nov to 175 last night. Her Dead Lift went from 245 to 275. Both of us feel great and were more confidant than we had been with our form. I felt more solid under weight than I ever have, thanks to the last 2 months. I know what we do works for me, I love it when I see it work for others.
    Alison will be heading state side SOON and she will become a member of Crossfit REDPOINT in Fayettville NC. But she will be down from time to time to visit CFW and she will be there for FGB!!!!!! I look forward to her meeting all of you and FINALLY getting to experience the AWESOMENESS that is CFW. She is one of the CFW members who follow our site but have never set foot into our gym. Some of you met a few of our crew from out here on Memorial day at the fund raiser. She has become a great friend and an even better training partner. She has truly helped me become a better trainer and athlete, she is also on the road to becoming a GREAT CF Trainer herself.

  4. t. says:

    Right On Ronbo. Those are great increases for Alison… a 175lbs Bench? Is that more than yours? Ha.

    We had many new PRs on the heavy single day this past Friday. All the tempo work and time under tension is developing some serious strength gains in a very short amount of time.

    The strength phase is going to run on a for another few weeks. We’re getting a lot of great feedback. The “crazy” idea of single joint, foundational training at a CrossFit seems to be working out very well.

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