With some frustration I’ve watched the Paleo Diet change (sorry… saying evolve would be cliche) quite a bit over the last 10 years.  I’ve been eating the Paleo way for about 8 years.  I don’t say strict Paleo, because Paleo is strict Paleo.  Think about it…  either you are or you are not.  80% isn’t.  90% isn’t either.  Of course there have been times when I’ve strayed and cheated and only been off the booze for the last 4 years.  But nowadays, I’m as Paleo and you can get.  My version is not only Paleo, but I also eat from an ancestral template.  My ancestors were Norse, Prussian, and Scotch, so I eat only the things that grow there naturally.  This is what I recommend to my BioSig clients and it works.  I guess you could say it is my two cent contribution to the Paleo thing.  But these days, everyone has their own Paleo thing.  The problem…  many abominations of the Paleo Diet are not good for you.

The changes in the Paleo diet, like almost everything, has been a trend of watering it down.  Actually, the trend in Paleo is that it is becoming trendy.  Don’t get me wrong, that is mostly good, but a double edged sword perhaps.  More people eating the Paleo way is good but it may not be if it is only small groups of CrossFitters, yuppie types or spoiled housewives eating that way just to be part of the coolest, latest health “trend”.  If it proves to not be a trend and truly takes root, America will be healthier in 20 years.  Let’s hope.    But there is another problem.  The creative Paleo recipe writers have introduced “Paleo” brownies, cakes, twinkies, cream pies ice cream and other imaginary Paleo treats.  This one is the most frustrating.  Paleo treats are really just mental band-aids on arterial hemorrhages.
So as the Paleo diet continues to change, beware the trends.  Your best bet for health is to attempt to eat like your ancestors.  I’m certain they didn’t have muffins, ice cream, or muffin tops for that matter.

Hunting…  Is Not For Lazy F**ks
By Derek Woodske
So I was having a conversation recently about the need for a certain level of conditioning to make yourself a healthy mobile and active adult, and they brought up the idea that we are superior creatures in our ability to feed ourselves and do to that fact we don’t require a significant amount of fitness to do so, so we don’t really need it…. Hmmm I thought? Thinking back to this argument that has been circulating for some time now….
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Welcome back Mark V. Mark is making a come back from major leg and hip surgery and already moving impressive weight.


For time:
15 Muscle Ups (sub 4 pull-ups, 4 dips)

For time:
3 rounds of
8 Slamballs
50 Double Unders

8 thoughts on “.Paleo: Some New Problems With The Oldest Diet

  1. Chrissy says:

    Welcome back, Mark!! Watching you this evening, I’d never guess that you recently had surgery. Very inspiring!

  2. Sensei says:

    Mark makes me cry tears of victory and diligence!

    Great job this morning Everyone! LOTS of skill work with these two wods but you all worked very well and put in some pretty incredible effort!

  3. Amanda W says:

    Mark – WOW! Coming back from injury is tough on the body and the psyche….looks like you’ve mastered both!

    Regarding the Paleo points here, I have to agree. The converted paleo version of sweets is never as satisfying….kind of like an O’Douls I guess….same calories, no benefit. The rarer you make your indulgences, the more you appreciate them…and the less you consume. Is it better to eat a cookie or two occasionally or have paleo muffins a few days in the week? Just ask the cookie monster.

  4. Tanner says:

    Good to have you back Mark. CF Games 2013!

    Great points on the Paleo Diet. So often it seems that the mentality when starting Paleo is “What can I get away with and still be Paleo?” If that is your mindset, then you will never realize the greatest results that you can see by eating clean.

  5. t. says:

    Tanner… you just don’t understand how hard it is to stop myself from shoving junk in my mouth. And Amanda, you’re a mom, a wife, and professional that works full time. You don’t know what it’s like to be too busy to eat healthy and not drink alcohol and not eat muffins.

    Sarcastic… yep. Successful people are successful at everything they do because they choose it. Choose to be and eat healthy and the paleo diet is easy.

  6. Mark V says:

    Thanks all. Great to be back & part of the community. I have really missed the challenge and intensity of the WOD’s as well as the gym camarade. Rehabing @ Gold’s was just no fun! Been very humbling this past week to seemingly start all over again, to be pushing light weights around and crawling away whipped! All in time. Crawl, walk then run!

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