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Holiday Dinner, Paleo style
From Trina R.

New to the Paleo lifestyle,  I have been very surprised at how easy eating this way has been.  The counting has been a little tricky, but once you know what you like, you can pretty much make a list and than just move things around to make sure you don’t over do it and get what you need each day.
The challenge came over Thanksgiving. Now we all know how much sugar and carbs make a great tasting Thanksgiving meal.  How would it even be possible to come even close to what my family and I have grown use to over the years?
First you find a great web site like Everyday Paleo and then you commit to making the recipes as they are written.  Now I am doing the weight challenge so there were a little more carbs and some honey involved that were not part of my diet, but it was Thanksgiving so I just had to suck it up and do some extra cardio.  Of course we had the free range turkey, sweet potatoes (which are not yams! Not even related! I found out during my research on this dinner concept), cranberries (and no amount of honey can sweeten them enough to fix that bitter taste!  That recipe requires a little more work) The stuffing with no bread (who would have thought?!) was awesome! My first attempt at collards with a little help from Paula Dean was so good my daughter ate them and wanted seconds! We had stuffed mushrooms with crab meat as an appetizer and a pumpkin pie made with a hazelnut pecan crust!  It was the best pumpkin pie I have ever eaten and I have had quite a few!
This dinner was so good nobody even asked for gravy or mashed potatoes! Not even rolls!!!!  Now that is something to be thankful for!

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    Oly class starting at 7:30 (meaning get there at 7ish and be ready to go at that time) or the doors are opening at 7:30????

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