Recovery Tip:  For improved recovery and reduced cortisol post workout, take 2-3 grams of Taurine and 2-3 grams of Vitamin C with your post workout BCAAs.

Kris climbing the rope in Saturday’s workout.


5 rounds of…
Overhead Squats 4-6 (4,1,1,0)
10 second rest
FFR Split Squats  6-8 (3,2,1,0)
2 minute rest


3 rounds of…
15 Kettlebell Swings (24,16)
15 Box Jumps (24,20)

4 thoughts on “Overhead and Split Squats

  1. Charlotte says:

    So what exactly does FFR mean? A quick interweb search leaves me with Flash Flash Revolution Split Squats or Fighting For Redemption Split Squats. Neither of these seem quite right somehow…..

  2. JROD says:

    Floyd-Fran-Revolution; totally awesome puke in the bucket work-out! Just kidding. Front Foot Raised stationary split squat is the first progression for correcting leg imbalances taught by Charles Poliquin. The higher the front foot the easier it is. Great for beginners and overweight clients that need general prep before moving to squats. If you are suffering from sore knees, this is a great one to keep you in the gym.

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