Olympic Weightlifting Course

Wednesday, April 10th thru Saturday, May 5th.

Wednesday classes will be at 6:00pm and Saturday classes at 9:00am. CrossFit Wilmington is known for it’s Olympic Lifting and application of the lifts in CrossFit. We recognize the importance of technique and efficiency versus the application of sheer effort. The Olympic Lifts are unmatched for improving an athlete’s overall physical prowess and are especially apt for developing explosive power. More, they increase an athlete’s coordination and develop skills any athlete can apply to their sport.

The primary Instructor will be Meagan.  Assistant Instructors are Tony and Cody.

Anyone is welcome to enroll.  Fees are..

  • Open Gym Members – $150
  • CFW and WSC Class Members – $100
  • Non-Members – $175

Please see an instructor to register and pay for your spot in the course.



CFW Instructor Anthony and the 11:30 crew during Thursday’s C&J Complex

There will not be a Sunday 9am Yoga Class this Sunday due to the Easter Holiday



AMRAP in 7 Minutes of…
3 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
3 Toes to Bar
6 C & J
6 T2B
9 C & J
9  T2B
and so on….

Wilmington Weightlifting
Power Snatch- Heavy Single
Clean Pull 100% x 3 x 3, 105% x 3 x 2
Good Morning x 3 x 5

3 sets (No rest)…
10 KB Swings
10 Pull-ups




3 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting Course April 10th

  1. Rhonda says:

    I urge anyone interested in performing and becoming comfortable in form/technique and producing bigger numbers to take the Oly class. I am so delighted at how much I love to snatch!!! Although, I am still working on my form, I am now aware of what I DO need to work on instead of not knowing. Meagan is a pro and will no doubt give 110 percent!

  2. josh says:

    Take the Oly Class if you never have, it will make you a better overall lifter and athlete!
    Great job to all that pushed through 13.4 this morning, looking forward to it tonight!

  3. Meagan says:

    Thanks Rhonda. The best class I ever took at CFW was the Olympic Lifting class. I was able to learn the technique and form to lift weight efficiently! Take an Oly class if you haven’t before and even if you have. The movements are very technical and there is always room to improve!!!!

    Awesome work on the Open WOD today!

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