The Pool Season Lean Out Competition comes to a close on Wednesday, May 2nd. Many of those signed up have already lost significant amounts of weight. Plenty of members are down 10, 15, 20  pounds and up. There is no magic to their weight loss; it is a combination of hard work and dedication to a clean diet. If you are not seeing the results that you want, don’t worry, there is still time. You would be surprised what five days of clean, Paleo eating will do for you.  Tighten up and get ready for the final weigh in.

We will be doing all of the final weigh-ins and body fat tests this Wednesday throughout the day. There are over 50 people in the competition; we will get you all measured quickly and efficiently.  You do not have to sign up, just be prepared for a little wait if you are here during our busy hours.  Keep up the work on the diet and stay the course until the end.

Alicia demonstrates full extension in the press in yesterday's tabata workout

For time…
50 Sledge Swings
100m Sled Push
400m farmers walk
Row 1000m

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch @ 55% x 10 (rest 1 minute between sets)
Clean & Jerk @ 55% x10 (1 minute rest between sets)

6 thoughts on “Five Days To Go. . .

  1. Whitney says:

    I know you guys are sick of ra ra posts but I have to say… I saw Amanda, Dawn and Melissa working on their skills today prepping for the competition and you ladies look f’ing incredible. You are going to do so well next week.

  2. t. says:

    I can’t think why “ra ra’ing” those three would be something to get sick of. They’re the culmination of everything we teach at CFW. For more than six months they’ve followed a level of discipline most of us never attempt. They eat exactily what the need to perform, work out twice a day, and get the recovery needed to perform.

    I hear often “I don’t have time to train and eat like (insert any of the above names here)”. I always laugh since one is a full time professional and a mother. One is dentist who owns and operates her own practice and the other is a student with two jobs. The difference is, they made a choice to be the best they can be at this CrossFit game.

    Congratulation ladies (and the guys and our individuals competitors), you are going to good things this weekend. CFW is proud.

  3. Meagan says:

    Yeah ladies….speaking of awesome ladies~nice work Alicia. You always come in and give it your all. I am proud of you :-). Keep up the great work!

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