Learning the Olympic Lifts isn’t easy.  It takes effort, patience, and practice of correct technique to get it right.  The athletes above have all experienced great improvements in their lifts and increases in their PRs since joining CFW.  Our Weightlifting Instructors know their stuff and get results.  Check our new Thursday night Weightlifting Class for your opportunity to improve yours. 

Run 1 mile with 10 squats every minute on the minute until the mile is complete.

3 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting

  1. Rob the Ghost says:

    I just want to re-iterate what Tony said about the lifts taking time. It literally took me a couple of years of solid training on the Snatch and C&J before my form looked anywhere near what it does today. So don’t get frustrated, know that you are learning 2 of the toughest and most technically challenging lifts that you can do with a barbell! If you missed the last class, make sure you come in next Thursday and learn the skill transfer exercises that we are teaching, you will never regret knowing how to properly Snatch and C&J!

  2. t. says:

    All oly lifters can run, but not all oly lifters are runners! It’s good to have you back Rob!

    It was great having so many CFW members at the run this morning.

  3. Rob the Ghost says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA yeah, I can get under a barbell pretty quickly, but not so much to a finish line! It’s great to be back, thanks to everyone (especially you T.) for making me feel so welcome, it’s like I never left! (Besides all the strength and endurance I’ve lost!)

    The 5k was great, and I’m so proud to be part of such a large family, huge congrats to everyone that came out and participated!

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