CFW will end classes and open gym at 6 pm this evening for a nutrition class.

Tonight at 6:00pm we will host another presentation of CFW’s results producing nutrition class.  Covered in the class are all the “secrets” you need to cut body fat, increase lean body composition and live a healthier life. We will cover the concepts of Paleo nutrition, what to eat and how much.  The cost is $40 which is well below comparable courses at other establishments. If you have yet to attend a CFW nutrition class, come tonight.

Tiff and Crystal knocking out KB swings in yesterday's rainy workout.


Full body myofascial release

3 rounds
1 min front plank hold
1 min side plank hold per side
30 sec handstand hold
15 ab roll outs

Full body myofascial release

5 thoughts on “Nutrition Class Tonight

  1. Sensei says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ll be in the box at 1215 today to run/jog a mile, then do some tabata pushups and run todays core work if any one is interested in working with me.

    Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be working the myofascial release too!

  2. t. says:

    What’s a run/jog a mile? Ha.

    This Saturday at 330pm we are having a workout for CrossFit Games Competitors. If you are planning to compete in the CF Games Open, you are welcome to do the workouts. It will give you a chance to gauge where your fitness levels are.

    I’m planning on two workouts, one heavy at about 8 minutes duration, the other with medium weight and about 5 minutes. There will be an hour recovery period b/tw them.

    Anyone is welcome to come observe.

  3. thomas says:

    As a big guy who enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them back down, i am also intrigued by this thing you refer to as running/jogging?

  4. Sensei says:

    T. it’s 1.609344 kilometers. sorry, I should’ve posted in measurements you’re used too.

    Thomas, It’s the opposite of “myofascial release, then nap” as your used too.


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