Tomorrow evening at 6:00pm we will host another presentation of CFW’s results producing nutrition class.  Covered in the class are all the “secrets” you need to cut body fat, increase lean body composition and live a healthier life.  If you don’t want to lean out, improve your fitness, increase your work capacity, or simply look good enough to hit the beach this year, YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND.  If you have no intention of cutting out pizza, cookies, ice cream, and pasta, YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND.  If you think eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a turkey wrap for lunch, and pasta dish for dinner is good for you, YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND.  If you think drinking milk is good for your bones and will reduce your chance of developing Osteoporosis, YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND.

I joke…  if you do any of the things I mention above, YOU SHOULD CERTAINLY ATTEND.  You will learn the sharp contrasts between conventional nutritional “wisdom” and what actually works.   Every person who has ever followed my nutritional guidelines experienced improvements in body composition, increases in performance, and better health.  Yes, I have a 100% success rate…  with those who follow the guidelines.  That is correct; simply attending the class will not do the trick.  Obviously, there is a homework assignment.

I only charge $40 for the class.  I’ll teach you the same things others charge $400 for.  I urge you to attend.  Below  is one of my previous posts.  It’s on carbs…  or, as some say, the single largest contributor to America’s health problems and disease.

“Clarification on Carbs”
– Originally 15 June 2011

In Sunday’s and Monday’s post I mentioned not eating carbs.  I should’ve been more specific.

I meant, do not eat “complex” carbs, fruit, and sugars.  I use parenthesis on complex because there’s nothing complex about so called complex carbs.  They’re pototoes and grain carbs.  That includes outmeal and anything whole grain, multi grain, or, again, ANYTHING made from a grain.

If you are above 15% bodyfat, stop eating anything except meat, dark green veggies and good fats (oils, nuts, seeds, and avocado).  Add 10 grams a day of combined EPA/DHA…  i.e. fish oil (if you are not taking a high quality fish oil, you are wrong).

That’s the million dollar answer and as specific as you really ever need.

Stop being a baby about what you like to eat and at the same time whining about being fat.  It’s easy to lose weight.  It’s easy to keep it off, if… YOU STOP EATING THE CRAP that makes you fat.

That’s specificity.

I am, very specific in the nutrition class and counseling.  The details can be alot to learn.  If you really want to understand how to eat healthy and fuel your life and workouts, you need to come a class or sit down with me one on one.  Those that have, get it.  Reading bits and pieces about Paleo or whatever nutrition topic doesn’t give you the big picture or the context you need to eat as healthy as possible while being successful at YOUR fitness goals.

You can do anything you set your mind to.  If not now, when?

Lauren P benches in yesterday's workout. We are going to see some great strength gains from all of our gals and guys by the end of this cycle.


Bent Over Barbell Row  6 x 5
Subscap Pull Ups  6 x 5
Upright Row  6 x 5

4 rounds for time…
25m Lunge Walk
10 Kettle Bell Swings

In subplementum.
1 rope climb (touch the beam) EMOM 10 minutes
*Learn/Utilize the CFW preferred technique.  Most focus only on climbing the rope, but you can decrease time on rope climbs by decreasing the time it takes to come down the rope.

8 thoughts on “Nutrition Class Tomorrow Night

  1. t. says:

    I love watching everyone get stronger, but there’s something about witnessing our women smashing through the strength phase, getting more jacked with every rep.

    Push it hard during this training and the rewards will be great!

  2. Jeremy B. says:

    A while back I had a flyer for a “local in season vegetables to your door ” service here in Wilm but I have lost it. I googled but I am not getting any good hits. Is anyone familiar with this service?

  3. Gregg says:

    We use the Produce Box. They don’t do it through the winter, though, since it is all local produce. It will start again in the spring.

  4. Rachael Dowdy says:

    The Produce Box does deliver to your door and their 2012 enrollment begins at the end of January and their service begins 2nd week in April.

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