Join Whitney at NutriSclerosis’s next discussion meeting tonight at 6:30pm in downtown Wilmington at 128 South Events – 128 South Front St. Wilmington , NC.

CFW’s Josh Edwards is the featured speaker.

More info, click here.

We are placing another order for t-shirts this Thursday.  This order is going to be ALO brand, dry fit, wicking t-shirts and tank tops.  The price is $35 per shirt and needs to be paid to Caleb or Josh.  There are numerous color options available for men and women. So be sure to specify your choice when placing your order.

To view the color choices, click here to go to Image Promo’s catalog, click on “brands”.  Select Alo and then click on either the Interlock Tshirt or the Racerback tank.  Then click on “view in gallery”.  **White is NOT available


“I’ve always believed that the mind is the best weapon.” – John J. Rambo

Read MindsetOriginally posted on 28 Sept 2008

The Easter Bunny preparing for our CrossFit egg hunt this Saturday on Wrightsville Beach at 9am.


Bent Over Row   5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

With tabata style intervals (20 sec work/10 sec rest) complete the following:
4 intervals KB/DB Thrusters
4 intervals slam ball half moons
4 intervals back extensions
4 intervals pull ups

11 thoughts on “NutriSclerosis: featured speaker is CFW’s Josh Edwards

  1. No GOOD says:

    REALLY does life get any better…We have quotes from RAMBO…which is a true story!!!!! Oh I cant wait for tomorrow !!!!!

  2. No GOOD says:

    Andrew first anything John RAMBO says is the truth, second would you rather T find some lame TJ Hooker quotes for you (seeing as there has never been a TV Sitcom made about State Troopers (I said sitcom , Alaskan State Troopers is reality tv ) and third read my lips touch’em if you have to …BIG EAST BABY!!!!!!

    BOOM that just happened

    Brad I went to the link but didnt understand it there were not pictures hahahaha.

  3. TD says:

    @Brad: do you really want to do 100 days of burpees?

    One option explored by Ms. Reynolds is the burpee.

    But when pressed, Dr. Gibala suggested one of the foundations of old-fashioned calisthenics: the burpee, in which you drop to the ground, kick your feet out behind you, pull your feet back in and leap up as high as you can. “It builds muscles. It builds endurance.” He paused. “But it’s hard to imagine most people enjoying” an all-burpees program, “or sticking with it for long.”

  4. Brad says:

    td – Thanks for putting the info in on the burpee challenge. Half the challenge is sticking for something for more than 30 days. Most people are too weak to stick to something for more than 30 days. The 100 days of ? has proven that over and over again.

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