NutriScerosis – AutoImmune Disease and Diet Discussion Group
Tonight, February 22 – 6:30 at 128 South Events
128 Front Street  Wilmington, NC

Whitney Ross, who’s reeled in her symptoms of MS with CrossFit and Paleo Nutrition, is hosting the NutriScerosis Discusssion, a forum for those with autoimmune disease and people who love them.  The group’s mission is to help present the resources available to slow, stop, and even reverse the signs and symptoms of degernerative  AI Diseases.
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For some of you, the info I post on nutrition may seem redundant.  However with all the new members  (and all you older ones yet to let go of “what I read in Muscle and Fiction Magazine”), I feel the need to keep the info flowing.  And let’s be serious, we all need a reminder every now then of what’s strict eating and what’s lazy and with out account.

There are so many myths about dieting and nutrition perpetuated by major food and supplement companies, it’s no wonder why Americans are, by and large, so fat and/or unhealthy.  The low fat, i.e. high carb diet is by far the worst, but a close one is the idea of eating more to lose weight.  The food industry, with all it’s packaged, easily prepared convenient food products want you to eat more.  They are the ones saying it’s better to eat more often.  The science specifically indicates otherwise and so does common sense.  Think about it…  6 “small” meals of 400 cal each is 2400 cal a day.  4 regular sized meals of 500 cal is only 2000 cal a day.  That’s easy math.

Tomorrow night, we’re closing the gym for a nutrition class.  Take this opportunity to get into a class and learn how to turn it all around for yourself.  Nutrition is by far the most important part of any fitness regimen.  You cannot be healthy without proper nutrition.  And while I hear all the time “I eat pretty good” and “mostly I eat good”, most attendees of our class find out otherwise.
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Jason powering through yesterday's fun with the 9am class


5 rounds for time:

10 Wall Ball Shots (14/10)
*should be explosive, aim for the top of the black on the wall
10 Get Down Get Ups

4 thoughts on “NutriScerosis Discussion Group Tonight

  1. t. says:

    Ladies and Gents,
    The discussion group (details posted above), organized by Whitney Ross, is not only about AI disease.

    The material and resources presented tonight are all Paleo Diet based. Any of us/you can benefit from attending this evening’s gather.

    Come on out and support Whitney and you’ll learn something too!

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