Last week at CF Wilmington…
The “Not Normal / Give yourself Abs for Christmas” Contest is about to start only its second week and we’ve more than 15 people logging in over 10lbs of fat loss.  This contest is has really got some of you rolling and excited about trimming up.  I’ve been posting a lot of good articles on diet and nutrition.  If you haven’t already, check them out and let me know what you think and/or post your questions about them to the comments.  Or email me them if you’d rather.  Keep up the good work and post up on the comments to let us know how it’s going for you.

Cody completed yesterday's WOD, 12, 275lbs Cleans and 40 C2B Pull Ups, in 13:29 at a BW of 180lbs. Even if you remove the pull ups, 12 Clean at 275lbs in that time (1 lift every 1:07) would be a hell of a workout.

Last week was great.  Many of you hit new PRs on the Snatch in Tuesday’s WOD…  a workout not even meant for you to hit a PR!  That just says tons about your improvement in technique.  Wednesday’s Hero WOD, The Lumberjack 20, was a smoker.  Many of you decided it was time to up the ante and do it as Rx just to honor those attacked on Ft. Hood.  It’s great that our ladies don’t even bat an eye when the Kettlebell weight 24kgs!  It’s a big deal at many CFs if you see a girl use one.  Keep raising the bar CFW!
Yesterday afternoon many of us went to Port City CrossFit to join them in celebrating their opening.   Tracy and Keith are doing the right things for the right reasons and are running a great show downtown.  Stop in and workout with them if you’re downtown.  Congrats and thanks for inviting us guys.
Yesterday’s WOD was heavy.  So heavy most people aren’t capable of doing it.  I know it can be frustrating to see some of the weights I post and not be able to

Daniel - Swim to Bike Transition during yesterday's B2B IRONMAN Triathlon. *At the time of this posting, Daniel was almost finished with his first IronMan Triathlon race.

doing them.  Just remember, I program to challenge the strongest, fastest, most powerful members.  On a workout like that one, you just choose a weight that is heavy for you and get through the workout.  Next time, that weight won’t be as heavy for you.
Kudos to Zach – 8:47, Cody – 13:36, and Ben – 14:29 for completing yesterday’s workout as Rx’ed.

So that was last week.  What will you do with this one?

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  1. Rob the Ghost says:

    Congratulations Daniel… There’s no way I could even comprehend doing that much endurance work! Way to go bro! And hats off to Zach, Cody, and Ben on doing yesterday’s WoD as Rx’d… y’all are BEASTS!!!

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