It’s here…  Spring time.  Race season.  If you’re signed up for or considering entering an endurance sport race this year we can help make it your best.

You need speed.

While training for long distance events, the mistake is made to only train long distances.  The longer you go, the slower you train your body to be.  Add intervals and speed work and you’ll increase the speed and power of each stroke, cadence, and turn over while better training your stamina and VO2 capacities.

On Tuesday, March 29th from 6:30-8:30pm, CFW will present an Endurance Training Seminar.  If you’re interested in PR’ing your next 5k, 10k, Tri, or Ultra, attend have your training work for you, not you for it.

Read more about the method behind it here.


Mrs. Pat Smith approaching the finish line at the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon this past Saturday. Her 6th Half, what sets Mrs. Pat apart from so many that are afraid to even attempt a half or full distance marathon? It's no one thing. But it all starts with her will, her mindset. She has no excuses. While most Americans barely sustain life after 50, Mrs. Pat thrives after... well, of manners, we'll not say her age. Thanks for setting the expample Mrs. Pat!

 The last day to get put in a pre-order for T-Shirts is Friday.  Give your money to Caleb or Josh by then or you’ll have to wait till the next order.


Perform each movement for 2 minutes:

Bottom of Wall Squat-Back against the wall, crease of hip below knee
Chin-up Hold
Static Ring Hold
Hollow Rock Hold
Back Extension

12 thoughts on “No excuses… Mrs. Pat Has None. Reconsider Yours.

  1. Drew says:

    Mrs. Smith, you are a beast and the embodiment of everything that positivity and hard work can accomplish.

    I will go out on a personal observation, and say if you’ve been doing CF for ~6 months, you can add 2-3 endurance workouts a week, and in 2-3 months be ready to do a full marathon. I trained less for this full marathon (my first ever) this past weekend than I did for my last two half-marathons combined. My longest run training was a 90min run 2 weeks before the race, and only because I was having doubts about my preparedness. The metcons we do in the gym alone give you enough base cardio to easily survive the entire race.

    I did more short distance and sprints leading up to this full, and PR’ed my half time by about 6 minutes… and that was with what I perceived to be a slow enough pace to survive the marathon. Barring some IT Band issues I ran into around mile 17, I still finished, and 2 days later, was back in the gym. I kept hearing leading up to it: “ha you won’t be able to walk right for a week or two”, or “god I could never do one of those”. Truth is, you are almost always capable of things other people do, you just have to decide to be awesome enough to put yourself out there and just not be afraid to fail. Trust in the systems, and if you have doubts, look through some of the archives on the crossfitendurance site. These people are taking over the endurance world.

    Also, thanks to all the CFW family that came out to support all of us.

  2. caleb says:

    Just a reminder that we will be hosting the sectional wod tonight from 5-7 for those that want to try and better their first score

  3. LiveHand says:

    Just wondering, are the shirts the same as the previous order (Dark Blue, USA lifter on the back)?

  4. t. says:

    Let’s put things into perspective… Scott is tough. He’s training to compete in the National Weightlifting Championships next weekend. He’s a cancer survivor and is climbing every mountain in the Colorado. Yet, when he was having a brief “lack of focus” while training yesterday, I threatened to tell Mrs Pat he was misbehaving. He quickly got it together and said it would never happen.

    Even (especially) Scott knows Mrs Pat is not to be messed with.

  5. Sweaty says:

    Tri’s, Marathons, Endurance….. Seems like tis the season. Well to add to the fun, Blockade Runner is hosting the 2nd annual Wrightsville Beach Biathlon this saturday. The event will host a 4 mile Stand Up Paddle followed by a 4 mile beach run. If anyone is interested in coming out the race starts at 10 a.m. with the Paddle on the intercoastal side of the blockade runner and will transition to the beach side. Everyones invited! Come out and cheer!

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