There will be a NO COST Nutrition Class Thursday at 6pm in the upstairs conference room. This class is for anyone interested in learning about healthy food choices and improving your overall health and well-being. Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle. Nutrition plays a vital role in the results you see at the gym. All members and non-members are welcome to attend.


Tony P. performing backwards sled drags.
Tony P. performing backwards sled drags.



5 rounds of
FAT BAR Bench Press 3r
Weighted Chin-up 3r
rest 2:30 b/w rds


AMRAP 10min:
10 Pull-ups
15 Push-ups
30 Sledgehammer Swings 12/8

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Snatch Balance: work up to a heavy triple

Stiff legged Deadlifts: 6 x 4
Chin ups: 6 x 4 (add weight)
Y-raise: 10 x 4