Justin V. working on his shoulder mobility prior to a WOD

Pre-WOD Mobility
Do you use the foam rollers, bands or lacrosse balls prior to the WOD? Hint: The answer should be “Yes”! Pre-WOD mobility is very effective before workouts as part of your warm-up and movement preparation strategies, as well as targeting areas that tend to get really tight, beat up and develop adhesions, knots or scar tissue. We offer classes each month to the all of our members here at CFW on how to correctly use the mobility equipment. If you have not had a chance to take a class make sure to add it to your to do list. Your body and workouts will thank you!

Todays Hours
6:15 am- Beach WOD
8:30 am- Gym Opens
5:30 pm- Gym Closes
6:15 pm- Beach WOD


AMRAP in 20 minutes of…
400m run
Max rep Pull-ups
* record the number of pull-ups completed each round

10 thoughts on “Nicole

  1. Tanner says:

    Good turn out at the beach this morning. Shout out to gene, who showed up late and still whipped me in the workout

  2. Meagan says:

    The beach WOD was awesome. Sarah whooped me on that run! Nice work girl.

    Ladies: Sign up for September 3rd if you can make it to our first CFW Ladies Recipe Exchange.

  3. Abs says:

    Hopefully the time works out for Sept 3rd for me! Cause I would love to go! Gene has turned it up a notch for sure! NICE!!!!

  4. Rosie says:

    Good for you Gene, love those running WOD’s. Meagan, where do I sign up for the recipe exchange? i can only make bacon and brussels sprouts so many times before we get sick of it.

  5. Meagan says:

    Okay new consensus….guys and gals are both invited to the September 3rd recipe exchange at Nancy and Breck’s house. Please sign up at CFW or let Nancy or myself know. We look forward to seeing you!

    JZ-You better be there….with some kale chips. Just kidding, but seriously come out!

  6. Gene says:

    Thank you. Tanner thanks for the great morning beach wod. Honestly working out with all of you guys and gals is very motivating. There was a couple of longer runs which helped out a lot with today’s wod.

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