mirand-jennifer-nGrowing up I was active for the most part. I played outside, played baseball with the boys, I was a cheerleader for a bit, joined soccer teams and ran cross country. I’ve always tried to be active and be outside but as life happened I fell off the wagon. I wasn’t happy with myself physically and I was in a rut. I decided for my 30th birthday I’d sign up for the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon. Once I started training I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew so I did the ½ instead. I did the bare minimum to complete the race and was proud of myself for completing, but I wanted to be better. I knew I could do better. I then started exercise videos and got some results but I needed someone in my face to push me harder and not let me quit.

After talking with a friend involved with CrossFit Wilmington, I talked myself into taking the intro classes. People tried to talk me out of it but that made me want to join even more. So I joined and I was in so much pain but I loved it!! Everyone was so great and helpful with tips and pointers. I knew I had joined the right family.I then heard about the Body Transformation Challenge in the spring of 2014 and I wanted in. Nichole N. working through cleans last week. Click Here to read Nichole's story!

At first I didn’t think I’d see any results but after the first 2 weeks I saw weight dripping off me. My pants fit better, I felt better and I became determined. I followed the diet, used the supplements and added workouts. I wanted to win, not for the prize or to beat the other competitors but to prove to myself I could do this. These minor victories sparked the fire and there was no turning back. My fiancé and family supported me completely by dealing with the food restriction and altering things for themselves too.

When Cody told me I’d won I couldn’t believe it. I celebrated with my happy dance or two and a cheat meal. I lost 5% body fat and 11lbs. The numbers weren’t drastic but I was impressed and so proud of myself. I knew this was my year to turn my body around and become the me physically I wanted to be. I have now signed up for another race and am looking to the future to see what else I can accomplish. I can now say I drank the Kool-Aid and I’m hooked, I want more. Here’s to the next step, Thanks CFW for all the support!! nichole n

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    Very proud of you. Thanks for sharing your story. Love you enjoyed our visit. Wish it could have been longer.

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