We just wrapped up another Olympic Weightlifting Course.  The participants improved their technique and understanding of the lifts tremendously.  Each lifter added quite a bit of weight to their own personal records on both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

There are two things CFW is known for…  heavy, intense metcons and Olympic lifting.  Every time we travel to a competition we hear “CFW put on a snatch clinic” or something  to that affect.  If you want to drastically improve your lifting technique, add weight to your lifts, and make your CrossFit workouts more efficient sign up for the upcoming course.  It’s five weeks of dedicated lifting with classes twice per week and proven to improve your lifting and performance.

Below are pics, stats, and feedback from our last course…

Sara Clark (CFW Intern and soon to be CFW Instructor)
Snatch – beginning 73lbs / ending 88lbs
Clean & Jerk – beginning 113lbs /ending 120lbs
“I especially enjoyed the course because it sought to do more than just address technical aspects of the lifts. Additionally, Tony and Cody paid special attention to each of our particular imbalances, whether related to strength, flexibilty, or even confidence issues, and gave us specific work to do outside of classes… corrections are always very on point and well explained.” – Sara


Taylor Williams
Snatch: Increased 30 lbs to 185 lbs
Clean and jerk:  Increased 30 lbs to 235lbs.

“I thought [the class] was f’ing awesome.  I had four goals for the class and feel like I have met all of them.  I wanted to snatch more than my body weight, I did it by 5 lbs.  I wanted to clean and jerk 225, got that by 10 lbs.  I wanted to be able to receive weight in the bottom position and work on my flexibility below parallel and am now able to get under the bar quicker and have more confidence with it.  I also wanted to improve my technique which I have done significantly from where I was before.” – Taylor


Gloria Hebert
Beginning snatch 1RM = 105 / End of course snatch = 113
Beginning C&J = 133 / End of course C&J = 148
“Encouragement and positive feedback is provided at appropriate times.  I appreciated the opportunity to do a new movement or do an old one in a new way every training day.  Loved pretty much everything about the course.  The class size was perfect.  Having the opportunity to receive input from Tanner, Cody, and Dawn was valuable.  Will def come back for future courses and will bring friends :-)” – Gloria
Meredith Harvell (CFW intern and soon to be certified CrossFit instructor)
Snatch before; #75, after – 93#
Clean and Jerk # 103, after 108#
“I learned so much about technique and my own personal limits… I absolutely loved every single class… it was never easy… I love a challenge… The course for me was well run…  Tony, Cody, Tanner, and Dawn really looked at each of us and told us individually what we needed to work on and improve with each lift we performed… Thanks again for an awesome course!”
It’s a holiday week…  and not so coincidentally a deload (lowered intensity / lowered volume) to our training.  Your focus this week is recovery and form.  Complete the workouts and then get in an ice bath and use the sauna.  Get on the foam rollers before and after each workout.  Follow the workouts as Rx’ed and take it easy…  next week is going to be taxing.  You must be recovered fully going into next week’s work.
Back Squat 5 x 4s (use the same loads as week 1)
4 Rounds for completion…
8 Deadlift (185/105)
Rest 30 seconds
8 Shoulder Press (95/45)
Rest 1 minute

5 thoughts on “Next Olympic Weightlifting Class Begins Saturday, July 14th

  1. sara clark says:

    Great jobh 5:30 and 6:30 classes! 8 really enjoyed working with Patti this morning. She always takes every suggestion and correction with a smile, and has come a long way since the last time I worked with her! Keep it up!

  2. t. says:

    Lifters… congrats on the gains and thank you for all the hard work / dedication during the Oly course.

    I’ll follow Tanner and reiterate the next oly class will set you up for the August 4th competition. The Coastal Clash is just a fun day with not expectations. Think of it as a max day that you get a t-shirt and food for.

    Enjoy your Independence holiday week!

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