CrossFit Wilmington prides itself on the health and fitness network we have developed.  CFW has attracted and sought out Wilmington’s finest trainers, MDs, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and healthy restaurants to create the finest co-op of healthy resources available to our clients.  Always improving our network, CFW is happy to include Next Level Training into our resource team!

Next Level is small in size but huge in knowledge.  They will be a very valuable addition to the network.  Coach Jared “Jrod” Olsen is a 20+ year veteran Strength & Conditioning Coach with accomplished athletes in many sports.  He is an old dog with lots of new tricks.  Jrod is an Advanced Poliquin BioSignature Practicioner, a Functional Nutritionist and specializes in lab work interpretation.  Functional labs and biosig = increased performance.

As a benefit to those athletes competing in the CrossFit Games we have partnered up with Next Level Training to provide a small change of scenery for competition prep.  The games are all about being the most well rounded athlete.  That also means utilizing a wide variety of training styles and methods to excel.  Changing the venue you train at will further add to your preparation by taking you out of the comfort of CFW.   Some of their members will be visiting our gym for their own Games prep so make them welcome.  If you are competing, you are invited and welcome to visit their facility in Ogden on Middle Sound Loop Road.

As a member of CFW you know how important proper nutrition and quality supplementation is.  Junk in, junk out goes for your food and supplements.  As an added benefit for our members, if you have taken a CFW Nutrition Class, had a Nutritional consult with Tony, or a Functional/Biosig consult with Jrod you are eligible to receive 10% off Poliquin supplements.  Poliquin supplements are known as the highest quality available.  To place an order for supplements, simply email Jrod at to set up an account.  They’ll provide delivery so you can pick up your order here at CFW.

Thanks to Jrod and the Next Level crew.

First Nutrition Class of 2012

“I am probably one of the only gym owners that will tell you that what you feed yourself is far more important for your health than any workout.”  -Tony Cowden / Owner CFW

This Thursday, January 12th, we will hold our first Nutrition Class of 2012. The class presents the foundations of Primal, Paleo, Zone, and Intermittent Fasting diets and how to incorporate the best of each to fit your lifestyle and not only meet, but exceed your fitness goals. Class time 6:00pm
Cost: $40.00

Bruce in mid-flight during a plyo push-up. An avid runner, Bruce has shown great improvements in his strength, power and flexibility since joining CFW 2 months ago

Bench Press   75% x10 reps /85% x5 reps x2 sets /95%  x 2reps x 2 sets

3 rounds for time of…
8 Handstand push ups
8 Dips
30 Double Unders

In subplementum (rest at least 15 minutes between this and metcon)
4 rounds for time…
5 x [1 clean & Jerk + 1 Thruster (155lbs/105lbs)] 5 Box Jumps (24″)
Rest 1 minute
*Go from the overhead in the Jerk straight into the Thruster

**The supplemental work is for advanced members and/or those of you wanting a “two-a-day”.  Your instructor will provide guidance if you should  complete this portion of the workout.  It is a lot of volume to complete, do not get your feelings hurt if your instructor dissuades you from performing this workout.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Next Level Training Partnership

  1. Albert Steed says:

    Awesome new partnership. It has been an eye opening experience when working with Jrod on what things you think are going well that really aren’t as good as they could be. I will definitely say that I have learned a lot in the last few months and have made some really positive steps towards being more complete.

    On another note.. I am wrecked after the last two days! Wow, this has been a hell of a week so far!

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