Each year gyms and fitness clubs across the states give New Year’s special deals and discounts in hopes of exploiting the new resolutions of folks hoping to lose weight and get healthy.

"Not Because We're Different, Because You Are."

Most of those folks sign a two year contract at a rate that goes up in a year and they get a few training sessions thrown in for free.   In most of those cases, by February they are no longer going to the gym and the remainder of their contract is debited from their account with nothing in return.

And though it’s not the fitness club’s fault america is lazy, but it’s not how we do things.  We have no issues with the larger, corporate owned gyms or the style of training they promote.  Any activity is exponentially better than none.  And, admittedly, that type of training built most of our strength foundations before getting into CrossFit.  But we are different and offer a more active, athletic based fitness.

We’re different in we don’t want members that need a New Year’s discount to join our facility.  We want members who truely want to better their fitness and well being.

We don’t want to sign up new members just to have them stop coming so we can collect their dues without giving our services in return.

CrossFit Wilmington provides the highest quality training and nutrition services available to the general public in Wilmington or elsewhere.  With that comes a mutual investment and partnership between CrossFit Wilmington and members.  We invest our time and hardwork in each new member.  In return, they invest their time, dedication, and hardwork and gain the results CrossFit Wilmington is known for.

The bottom line…  CrossFit Wilmington offers the best service at the fairest price.

CrossFit Wilmington is an incentive based fitness program.  The incentive to apply yourself to our program is results.

In keeping with that mindset, we are going to offer a New Year’s special…

If you join CrossFit Wilmington, we will give you, at no extra cost, a new level of fitness and health.  We will give you a new perspective on what you are capable of.  We will throw in the opportunity to join Wilmington’s best network of fitness minded residents and health care professionals.  Along with all that, you get a less flabby a** and possibly, if you set your mind to it, a great set of abs.

Our twist to the New Year’s Special?  Stick with our program for the first six months and we’ll celebrate your success with you in July and give you your first month of open gym membership for free.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Special… health and fitness at no extra cost!!

  1. Julie G. says:

    Anyone competing in Feb and want their total to count towards USAW future efforts must wear a singlet or onesy (laugh it up Liz). Eleiko dynamic and usaw are both sold out of womens medium. Good news for boys muscle driver has them for $49 which is great deal normally $90 or $68 with usaw membership discount one per year. So do not wait till last minute. Hard to find.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hey guys just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that Clair and I have everything moved in… Well mostly!!!! 🙂
    We don’t have internet yet, so we will check the site when we can. Working on internet tomorrow!!! We miss everyone… keep training hard and we will visit on the weekends!!!!

  3. Liz says:

    Julie – I will laugh a little, but If that onesy allows me to snatch as much as you, order me one! 🙂

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