Introduction to Healthy Eating and Paleo Nutrition – Wednesday, February 23 at 6:30pm   $40.00
*We will close the gym for this class at 6:30pm.
Our foundational nutrition class we urge all our members to attend.  This class teaches the benefits of eating the way humans evolved to eat and unteaches the myths of popular nutrition and weight loss diets.  There no gimmicks, no magic fixes, and no bull in this class.  We line it out for you and tell you exactly what to eat and how much of it.  Every person who’s followed our recommendations has been successful with becoming more healthy and changed their body composition for the better.  How many “fad” diets can claim 100% success rates?  We do…  for all those who follow the basic guidelines we suggest.

Performance Nutrition – Thursday, 3 March at 6:30pm  $40.00
If you’ve reached your weight loss goals, hit a plateau, or ready to step your workouts, we’re presenting a more performance minded nutrition class.  We discuss carb and calorie cycling, intermittent fasting, post workout nutrition, and supplementation for increased recovery and improved performance.  When training hard, the body needs more nutrition than most can get from just food.  By focusing on eating for recovery, we can better sustain steady increases in performance, better your focus during workouts, and optimize your recovery and sleep.  Endurance, stength, and CrossFit athletes all benefit from better recovery.

Zach's first pistol match. After a taking Alastar's Basic and Intermediate Pistol Courses and learning to properly and safely handle a firearm, Zach purchased his first handgun. On Sunday he joined the growing number of CFW members who shoot competitively, at a match at Ant Hill Range, in South Port, NC.

OHS  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
4 rounds for time…
5 Clean High Pull (205lbs/135lbs)
20 Double Unders

3 postition (hang, knee, floor) Snatch  72% x 3
3 postition C&J (hang, knee, floor) 70% x 3
OHS 5 – 5 – 5
Front Squat 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

6 thoughts on “New Nutrition Class Announced and Dates Set

  1. Amanda W says:

    CF Ladies – A HUGE thanks to those who came and brought food (and of course gifts) to the shower on Saturday! Hank the Tank is already spoiled by the buffest, brightest women I know. And thanks for your support through this pregnancy. While my patience with not being able to fully workout is growing thinner by the day, I can always count on you lovely ladies to remind me that I’m about to go through the toughest WODs of my life…labor & parenthood. On top of that, seeing each of you kick tail and meet new milestones is that much more motivation for me to stay in shape during the heaviest time of my life.

    Thanks again for everything! Joe & I consider ourselves truly blessed.

  2. t. says:

    The ladies of CFW always impress… Tashana and Amanda, isn’t it about time you girls rid yourselves of those parasites? Ha.

    Good shooting to Zach, Jana, and Melissa yesterday!

  3. Meagan says:

    The baby shower was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped with food :-). Tashana and Amanda, I can’t wait to spoil those sweet babies when they arrive. 🙂

    Zach-Nice work Beast!

  4. Amanda W says:

    I almost forgot – Meagan! You outdid yourself for sure. Not only did she host an excellent party, she also provided competitive games for CFer’s. Awesome!

    And T, seriously this parasite….yowzas it’s about friggin time!

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks, Todd! Don’t sell yourself short, brother…you inspired me from the get-go and a huge part of my success. I can’t say enough about the instructors, the members and Tony…how friendly, how intense, how sharp, and how helpful everyone has been. I have reached small levels of success due to a little hard work, dedication and a lot of instruction. Thanks to all at CFW for making me feel welcome as I continue to improve to be part of the hardest working group of men and women in Wilmington. I’m proud to be associated with CFW. Get some!

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