Recovery Tip:  Take at least 2 days off each week and 3 days off one week of each month. Recovery is when you improve performance.  Over-training (under-recovery) leads to decreased testosterone and growth hormone – the two most important hormones in performance- and increases insulin resistance and cortisol.  We mostly think of chronically over-trained athletes being in the endurance community.  However, CrossFit is just as apt to lead to over-training as running, cycling, and swimming.  While the duration of a Crossfit workout is shorter, the relative intensity is much greater.  Stress and impact on joints (and more of them) and connective tissues are greater.  The need for a higher quality, clean diet is no more or less (the endurance community eats on of the worst diets possible), but with CrossFit and strength training the protein requirements are typically higher for optimal recovery.

Take away:  Sleep better, eat better, take better recovery days for better fitness.

Sun’s out… guns out! Jana doing hammer curls in yesterday’s lactic acid workout.

Wednesday Hours

7am-10am Open Gym
5pm-7pm Open Gym

Today we will have only open gym hours. Take advantage of all our recovery tools.  Come in and use the sauna, foam roll, stretch, or do skill work.

9 thoughts on “Sauna – Myofascial Release & Stretch – Sauna

  1. Jrod Trained says:

    A Burning Desire. . . .
    Ahh, Finally a cool breeze in the air so I decided to enjoy a break in the weather and stroll over to CFW for a back and shoulder workout. I had recently been training four months in a public gym just using machines and was anxious to hit the iron again. The place was packed! This overcrowding did not bother me though because it was an orchestrated group conducted by superstar skinny people that wore form fitting black shirts that said instructor on them. The ebb and flow was a breath of fresh air from the oxygen tank where I was staying cool before.
    I wanted to commensurate my first day back at CFW so of course I needed a hurricane named exercise and when I stepped outside and saw an all too familiar face of Amy Argo doing farmers walk it clicked. I got the red torpedoes out and super setted farmers walk with red torpedoes and grouped it with some shoulder correction work and without any hesitation Josh P from WSC joined this hurricane. I finished this storm of a work out and felt satisfied. I woke up sore the next day and was at peace with myself for weathering the storm.
    I needed more iron in my diet so I checked online for the WOD of the day. Deadlift super setted with dumbbell shoulder press super setted with barbell rows all with time under tension of 60 seconds. Did Josh go crazy? Hitler just posted German body composition training. I hate this type of training! A burning desire to go back overwhelmed me. I had to know if the instructors shirts would change color. This workout was going to burn so I was seeing red and convinced myself the instructors were now wearing fiery red shirts.
    Knowing other people were going to be tortured gave me some resolve. Whaz up Jrod? What ya doin? Another familiar face, yes it was Jana Fogleman. I replied to her I was going to do GBC. Jana and I previously trained GBC, two times a day in a body transformation class that I taught. Do you want to partner with me, I asked? I was expecting her to say no because I have asked the same question 20 times while I was training in a public gym where the answer was always a sheepish no. Before she got to the S in yes she had her barbell loaded and was ready to go.
    Beast mode was on! One minute of rest between the three brutal exercises was all that was posted; I prepared my mind for this. I asked “Tanner than me” how much rest between rounds? He candidly replied one minute. A stare down pursued. I now had a burning desire to pick up the nearest barbell and beat him with it! I then realized this would be a felony and besides Josh posted this WOD (just not the rest period). The group environment somehow made this hellish work out enjoyable. Sadomasochists we were! With my last drop of energy I shook my partners hand and it pleased me that she could no longer close her fingers around my wimpy, limpy stubs.
    t. was training low rep, heavy bench presses while the fiery inferno was going down. His inked up body was now taking a second seat to his swole pecs! I exhaled heavily and said “man that workout was rough.” He replied and said “I designed it to. . . I quit listening at this point as I was burning up -What? I was convinced that Josh was the criminal mastermind and I was totally okay with becoming a vigilante and planning my retaliation upon him. A burning desire to pick up the nearest barbell and beat him with it came over me and in the nick of time I collected my thoughts and instead yelled “you have week triceps to match your weak hamstrings and from now on your nickname will be little t.” I was obviously taken back and resorted to kindergarten theatrics. I ran out the door in a zigzag fashion to better my chances of survival in case this ginger was shooting at me!

  2. Shawn K says:

    Okay, I just lol’d at my desk.

    I agree with Jeremy B that CFW-storytime must become a weekly tradition. I’m not sure many people have the cojones to call him “little t” but it’s the risk of life and limb that makes the story line so much more appealing.

  3. t. says:

    Disclaimer: Jrod’s smart*ssed comments about my weak hammies and tris gained him only a threat to “kick him in the n*ts”… a move that would exploit my quad dominance perfectly. At no point did I threaten to use any sort of deadly force.

  4. Jana Fogleman says:

    All I can say is that I immensely enjoyed reading that for many reasons.
    That said, I am even more grateful to even have the opportunity to work with such extraordinary coaches at Crossfit Wilmington. It is extremely evident that CFW excels above all other gyms and I am proud and lucky to be a part of it!!

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