FGB total over $13,900 raised!

Due to increased interest in the team competition, we are opening up 9 additional slots to create one more team.  The first 9 people to write their names on the sheet in the lobby will be on the team. 

CFW's newest member Jason M. Welcome to CFW!


Classes are open to all members for full-body myofascial release.
Come in, use the foam rollers and lacrosse balls and get ready for FGB 6.

8 thoughts on “Myofascial Release

  1. No GOOD says:

    CONGRATS CFW we did it and we did it before the 17th!!!!!!! \i am so honored to be part of the amazing family that we have at CFW!!!!!! Sat is going to be amazing!

    Rain or Shine party at my house the address is on the board!

    One More Day!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ON!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Great Job Jason!

    Congrats CFW. Excited about tomorrow. Kids, don’t forget to bring your $5 donation to participate in our Kids FGB at 8:30 AM this Saturday!

    Happy Friday!!!!

  3. Abs says:

    Welcome Jason…. I look forward to working with you! FGB6…aaaaawwwwwww SNAP!!! I am so excited! No Good…I hope it is ok if we bring the kids. As of right now we have no sitter!
    SPEAKING OF…if anyone will babysit or can refer a sitter my way please do!!!

  4. No GOOD says:

    PANG (Party at No GOOD’s is Kid friendly HOWEVER I do not have x box or playstation, I have old fashion toys like sticks and trees, but they are welcome espically if they now how to tap a keg haha kidding ….but seriously …….


    Remember RAIN oe SHINE!!! there will be food and beer , so if it rains it is still a go!!!!

    My address is on the board at the GYM!

  5. Tanner says:

    FGB UPDATE: CFW is in 15th place worldwide with $14,129 raised so far. That’s not including all of the money we will raise on Saturday. I think our new goal should be over $18,000 to TRIPLE last year’s donations. Also, a big thanks to Chip Bullock and Bob Shaw for donating a sweet CFW cornhole set for the raffle on Saturday, pics to come on tomorrow’s post.

  6. Jen S. says:

    Hey all! I am donating a gift card for a one hour deep tissue massage and a Euro facial and one for 5 spray tans at Prima Day Spa! Get some!!

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