Kids Fitness SquatsOur Monsters In Training (MIT) program is our kids fitness program. Our aim is to have fun teaching kids how to move their bodies and make fitness a part of their every day lives.

Using a combinations of calisthenics, running, jumping, carrying, tumbling, lifting, pulling, climbing, and throwing, our classes help kids learn to LOVE fitness. After all, kids have fun when they get to play! Our classes are structured with that in mind.

MIT is inclusive of all skills and ability levels. The kids will do challenges and movements that are appropriate for their age and ability. They learn to work well as individuals, and in a group setting. Developing skills that transfer far outside of the gym walls.

A typical session looks like this:

1) Warm up

2) Skill acquisition and development – learning handstands, rope climbs, or simple weightlifting movements

3) Challenges Р fitness based games, obstacle courses or a workout against the clock

4) Group cool down and learning session


Our MIT program runs in 6 week sessions with a break in between sessions. This allows us to build skills over the course of the 6 weeks and track improvement for the participants.

We meet on Saturdays at 830 am. Ages 5-12 are welcome.


Cost is $65 for the 6 week block.

Our next session starts on Saturday –¬†December 10th (we’ll extend this one a bit due to the holidays)

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