Our Garage Games Results
Advanced Men (place in heat)
John Z. 1st
Cam 5th
Josh 8th
Ben 1st”
Sweaty 3rd
Gabe (CFE) 4th
Mike 7th
Keith (CFE) 9th
*Ben, Sweaty, Gabe, Mike, and Keith competed in the same heat.
Advanced Women
Melissa 1st
Desiree 2nd
*Melisssa and Desi competing in the same heat and tied in points for 1st. Melissa
was chosen winner by finish in the first WOD.
Open Men
Ryan 6th
Tyler 7th
Jordan 10th
Open Female
Felice 3nd
Sara 5th

3 rounds for time…
25 Thruster (95/65)
25 Box Jump (20″)
25 High Pull (95/65)
25 Push Press (95/650
Rest 1 minute

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15 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Mike C says:

    Way to represent CFW down in Georgia ladies & gents!!! Quick question, what were the WODS down there?

    The new site looks awesome and since everyone has an opinion on posting the next days WOD – I’ll share mine. I love the element of surprise and I always thought one of the tenets of Crossfit was to be prepared for the unknown & unknowable. My only request is that we get a little heads up when we have rope climbs, I’ve donated enough flesh to the rope gods!!!!

  2. Jeremy B says:

    The site looks great , I love the new look., and I am really digging that I can have CFW as an RSS feed.

    I also cannot stay quiet … I have to get in on the next WOD comments as well.

    – Mike – I agree with you, surprise is nice, but I image the only folks who do not check the site before coming in are probably the morning crew. I would guess, most who come in later probably have had a look to see what it is.

    I like to be able to plan accordingly .. jeans for ropes, running shoes and not 5 fingers for run days, or if there isn’t much equipment involved, do the WOD at home and have breakfast for once.

    We are trained for the unknown at anytime ..do we have to take that as far as knowing the WOD, Well I guess that’ s up to T.

  3. Jen S. says:

    The site is very cool guys!!! It is kind of nice to know the next days wod so you know what type of gear to bring…haha like I have any gear!!!
    Congrats to all of the badasses that went to Georgia and kicked some serious booty!!! Happy Monday!!

  4. Matt M says:

    Awesome job to everyone who went to Georgia and kicked ass last weekend. I heard JZ didn’t do to shabby there either!

  5. Tracy says:

    So good to be back and jump into a leg shaking wod with my CFW friends! Darren I appreciate you telling me to get moving! Thanks! I missed you shouting the last few months!! Love CFW!!

  6. Hunter says:

    Congrats to all athletes. Great job. Website looks great. I say
    keep tomorrows Wod available to those who want to plan…. For those
    who want to keep it a surprise…just don’t peek. 🙂

  7. Ewhite says:

    Hey Tony!

    site looks great…in regards to tomorrow’s WOD, as someone training for a triathlon, it’s helpful for me anyways, to plan my workouts accordingly. I miss it…hope it makes a come back, but if not it wont keep me from the gym. Safe training everyone!

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