Nutrtion Class Wednesday night at 6:30pm – If the holidays ruined your weight loss goals, get a fresh perspective on diet and nutrition.  The nutrition class covers the modified Paleo and Zone diets in a practical sense.  Each attendee gets specific calorie intake specifics and a Rx for exactly how much protein, carbs, and fat they should be getting each day for their fitness and weight loss goals.  Cost – $40.00

Julie G. and Melissa knock out a Sunday session…

5 rounds for time of…
4 Snatch Grip High Pull (155lbs/95lbs) – Pull barbell above bellybutton.
1 Rope Climb

[1 Snatch +2 OHS + 1 hang Snatch + 1 OHS] x 4 at 65%
OverHead Squat  3 x 5 at 105%
3 rounds of CF Metcon

3 thoughts on “Monday Funday

  1. Abs says:

    Nice pics ladies! Julie…love the pic from last post…wee kettlebell for a such a tough chick tho! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Polar Plunge was MOST EXCELLENT…hope you all had safe fun too! We really need to make that a CFW tradition…

    I have goals for this year? Do you?

  2. Julie G. says:

    John Z. 5th place overall out of 52 bada$$es in the Again Faster Competition. Good job, cannot wait for Jville in the spring.

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