CFW is excited to announce we are home to three newly-certified Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Certified Practitioners.  Congratulations to CrossFit Wilmington’s Tanner, Melissa H. and Tony on attending Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation Seminar & Certification.  Their completion of the certification makes CrossFit Wilmington the only CrossFit affiliate in North Carolina and one of the few in the world to have BioSig Practitioners on staff.
CFW’s already developed Nutrition Program has, for years, gone way beyond just teaching the Paleo diet concepts.  It only takes minutes to teach the Paleo diet…  it takes an intimate understanding of the human body and its systems to teach nutrition.   Hence we have nutrition classes and performance nutrtition classes, not Paleo diet classes.
The BioSig course presents functional and performance nutrition on a comprehensive level taught nowhere else.  BioSig utilizes body fat storage distribution to identify hormonal imbalances and correct them through applied nutrition and aggressive supplementation.
The addition of BioSignature Modulation Practitioners is another way CrossFit Wilmington continues to set the standard in fitness and wellness in Coastal North Carolina!

Tanner utilizing calipers to perform body composition testing on Melissa at the Poliquin BioSig Modulation Certification. Details on our BioSignature Programming are soon to come!


CrossFit  12 March – 17 March 

5 rounds for time of…
4 Snatch* (155lbs/100lbs)
4 Clean* (155lbs/100lbs)
Sprint 200m
*Receive the lifts below parallel.

In Subplementum…
4 rounds for completion (not for time) of…
6 Dead Hang Chin Ups
10 Toes to Bar
10 Back Extensions

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of…
Handstand Push Ups (2 – 45lbs plates/1 – 45lbs plate)
C2B Pull Ups
Double Unders

In Subplementum…
Row 500m x 3 or Cycle 800m x 3 – rest the time it takes you for the previous effort.
As soon as you are done, complete 2 burpees as quickly as possible for every minute the entire workout (effort and rest) takes.
Round up… if the workout takes 12:02, up it to 13.  You owe 26 burpees.

5 rounds for time…
8 Power Clean* (at 70% BW)
Rest 1 minute
*Attempt to complete the sets unbroken without dropping the barbell. 

Coordination Exercise
*Fun, active rest
Myofascial Release and Trigger Point

Games Open WOD


8 thoughts on “CrossFit Wilmington: The First CF Affiliate In North Carolina With BIOSIGNATURE Practitioners

  1. Felice says:

    congrats Tanner, Melissa, and T. on your new certifications. I’m sure CFW members will benefit from your knew knowledge.

  2. t. says:

    The BioSig was a great addition to our nutrition resources.

    A big thanks to Jared (Jrod) and Dawn Olsen of Next Level for all the knowledge on BioSig and nutrition they’ve given us over the last year. It was their input that led to the realization we needed to attend the course.

  3. Amanda W says:

    This week looks awesome! Can’t wait to hit these wods!!!

    Only two weeks left in the open people. The energy in the gym has been palpable the past few weeks. I love seeing people train with a competitive gleam in their eyes — even the ones who started this saying “I don’t like to compete.” Ha. Keep up the great work and keep surprising yourself (and others for that matter)!

  4. Scott S says:

    For anyone who was hoping for better results through 3 WODS, don’t give up yet. It could be the next WOD is just the one you are going to demolish. We are doing great as a gym and the energy we collectively create pushes our team even harder. The team is in 3rd place in the region, which means they have the chops to get to the Games! And congrats to our BioSig Practitioners. This is leading edge stuff.

  5. Joe W. says:

    Ok…no one has put this out there so I will. How freaking bad ass is CFW. Answer SUPER bad ass. Examples-Team Comp.>3rd in the Mid Atlantic and 20th in the World, Indy Men-3 in the top 100 and 2 formers in the top 100-Total 5, Big Scott Smith holding down 64th in the masters, and the freaking beasts of the the gym the Indy Women-4 in the Top 100 and one just on the outside looking in.

    I know its early but its still needs to be said. Congrats to JZ, Tanner, Cody, VanPelt, Felice, Hodge, Abby, Hoff, and Scott.

  6. Meagan says:

    Heck yeah! I second Joe,….we have a badass team of athletes. I can’t wait to cheer you all on at regionals and in CA!!!! Keep up the awesome work.

    Also, Candace, my girl….you pushed through that 12.3 WOD. Super BAD ASS!
    I am so proud of all of you who are competing. Keep pushing through.

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