Nutrition Class this Wednesday February 29th
This coming Wednesday, February 29th, at 6:30 we will host another presentation of CFW’s results producing nutrition class.  Covered in the class are all the “secrets” you need to cut body fat, increase lean body composition and live a healthier life. We will cover the concepts of Paleo nutrition, what to eat and how much.  The cost is $40 which is well below comparable courses at other establishments, and Custom Fit Meals will be catering the event. If you have yet to attend a CFW nutrition class, the time is now.

Meagan showing full extension at the top of her burpees. Our ladies and gents performed well enough for a 3rd place finish in our region! Congrats CFW!


DB Thrusters 5 sets x 8 reps

6 rounds for time…
25m Sled Sprint (95/45)
10 Sandbag C&J (60/40)
rest 1 min

8 x 100m
rest 1 min

Olympic Weightlifting
Push Press + Power Jerk + Split Jerk @ 80% x 4 sets
Snatch Below the Knee @ 60% x 2 x 3 sets
Clean Shrugs 5 x 5 Heavy!!

11 thoughts on “Nutrition Class this Wednesday

  1. Abs says:

    Way to do work CFW!!! It is just the beginning of a long competition so lets stay on top…don’t get complacent…we have to keep doing better EACH week! Looking forward to seeing what Wednesday brings!! Hoff and Meagan gettinf 120+ is A-MAZING…way to go Josh Adams, JZ and Will (left a nice mark before you left us Will C!!) for top scores for the Men!!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Yeah Team CFW!!!! Keep it up. We have a great group of athletes. I love the energy that comes out at competition time. So much fun!

  3. t. says:

    It’s always nice when our gym, known for it’s strength and power, pulls a hit on the body weight stuff. I’m willing to bet we had more scores of over 100 reps than any other affiliate in the region.
    Nice stuff CFW. Hopefully the upcoming wods will involve and require at least a tad bit of skill.

  4. Candace says:

    SOooo what are the consequences for not having submitted my score to the Games website?!? I’m new to this whole “competition” thing, and it slipped my mind. G-dang it! I’m afraid I’ve done 7 minutes of burpees for nothin’.

  5. Felice says:

    Awesome job CFW! Great start to the season. Candace- It’s ok that you forgot to submit your score on Sunday. You can still submit it but since it is past the due date you are no longer eligible to compete at Regionals, however you can still submit your scores and see how you compare to other crossfitters throughout the world! Just have fun with it!

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